Baker Ross Snowflake Wands

Snowflake Magic Wands from Bakers Ross

Its getting to that time of year where most people are thinking about Christmas, E is constantly mentioning the big day and asking when it is, most days she asks if it is tomorrow.

So when our latest parcel from Bakers Ross turned up and was full of Christmas themed crafts, E was very excited and straight away wanted to get started.

The craft set that E wanted to make was the Snowflake Magic Wands, I wasn’t surprised that she was excited to make these, after all which little girl doesn’t like wands and all things sparkly?

The Snowflake Magic Wand kits contain four different wands to make all different colours- Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink & White. Each kit includes foam snowflake, self-adhesive foam decorations, ribbon, sequins and wooden stick. E decided she wanted to make the pink wand.

Baker Ross Snowflake Wands

The first part of the craft is made of self adhesive stickers which E found really easy to do. She kept looking at the picture on the instruction’s to make sure she was putting everything in the right place.

Baker ross crafts

After completing the self adhesive stickers it was time to get the PVA glue out and to start sticking the sequins down, E was really concentrating to make sure they were stuck where she wanted them to be. She managed to do this on her own, I just had to supervise to make sure she didn’t put too much glue under each sequin. The only tricky part of the craft that E couldn’t do and I also struggled with was tying the ribbon so that it looked really pretty.

Baker Ross CraftsThe completed wand looks really lovely and E was really pleased with it, especially as she made most of it herself. The only problem I had next was making sure she gave it chance to dry before running around the house with her new Snowflake Magic Wand.

The Snowflake Magic Wands cost £3.49 for a pack of four which is a great price and unlike a lot of crafts the wands can be played with once they are made. If you’re looking for something fun and easy to make with your children then I recommend these kits.


Disclosure – We were sent the Snowflake Magic wand kits to make and review, all opinions and words are our own.

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