Gro Clock Review – A bedtime essential.

We are big fans of the Gro company products in this house, when E was born we were given the Gro Egg – which is a room thermometer which changes colour for different temperatures, which is great in the dark. Since then we have purchased the Gro  -Anywhere Black out blind as E will only sleep in the dark, so this has proved to be an essential item when away from home.

So when we were given the opportunity to test and review the Gro Clock I was delighted, not only because I love the Gro company products but also because I was hoping the early wake up call E had started to give us would stop.

gro clock

E has always been a good sleeper ever since she was born and that has continued, she has a good bedtime routine and goes to bed at 7pm and wouldn’t normally wake until 7.30 – 8am. However when E decided to give up pull ups at night she started to wake early, she would wake at around 6am to go to the toilet but then wouldn’t go back to sleep – this was a shock to the system!

The Gro-clock is designed to teach children to understand the difference between sleep time and when it is time to get up with ‘Stay in bed until you see the sun’. It can be set as a simple digital clock – ideal for older children who are learning about time – or just as a simple sun and star image. Simply activate the wake up time – 7.30am for us – and before that time the blue star will show. This means it is time for sleeping. When it gets to the wake up time you have chosen, the display will change to a yellow sun, meaning it is time to get up.

When we received our Gro Clock I had a read of the instructions and set the clock up, the clock is very easy to set up. Every gro-clock comes with a little book about a pig who is grumpy and too tired to have fun and play with his farm friends. He gets a special clock that teaches him to sleep until daytime and, what do you know, he sleeps well, gets lots of energy and makes lots of new friends who want to play with him.


The first night we used the clock we showed E how it worked using the demo mode, she thought it was brilliant. E loved setting the clock from the off, causing the sun to wink and close its eyes and the stars appear for sleep  After getting ready for bed we used the book that came with the clock for her bed time story, she absolutely loved it. I initially set the clock for the sun to come up at 7am, half an hour later than normal. I must admit I was sceptical to whether this clock would actually help us get a little longer in bed in the morning.

clock stars

The next morning E woke at 7am crying, she said the sun was too bright and woke her up, we were a little confused by this as she had been waking earlier. The second night of using the Gro Clock I changed the wake up time to 7.30am and turned the brightness of the clock down hoping it wouldn’t upset E. The next morning she stayed in bed until 7.30am and took herself off to the toilet and then came into see me in my room, she was very excited telling me she stayed in bed until the sun.

We have been using the Gro Clock for over a month now and I am pleased to say that the clock has continued to work, every morning E stays in bed until the sun comes up, I know sometimes she wakes at seven but she still stays in bed just chatting away to herself.

Thanks to the Gro Clock we have had a little longer in bed on a morning and E is more rested which has improved her behaviour and grumpiness as she isn’t tired.

The Gro Clock can be purchased from the Gro company website for £29.99 and many other retailers also sell it.

There is one last thing to say, if you are having problems with your little one waking early and you are in need of more sleep I  totally recommend purchasing a Gro Clock, its one of the best products we own. All we need now is for our new baby, Joshua to let us have some more sleep!


Disclosure – We were sent a Gro Clock for the purpose of this review but all words and opinions are our own.

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