Joshua’s Birth Story

Having finally announced the arrival of Joshua on the blog the other day I thought I would share with you Joshua’s birth story.

Joshua was born on the 7th October 2015 at 9.21am, he came into the world earlier than anticipated. My due date was the 19th October by my dates and the 11th October based on the first scan. Joshua weighed 8lb 3oz and is perfect, I do wonder if I had gone full term how heavy he would have been.

My pregnancy wasn’t the easiest compared to when I was pregnant with E, I put it down to being four years older and also having to look after E. I had low blood pressure throughout and very low iron levels, so I had the delight of taking an iron supplement which was supposed to help with the constant tiredness. It helped a little but not as much as I hoped.

At 36 weeks a blood test was taken to check my iron levels and to check that the levels had increased, when the blood test results came back the levels had gone up which was great, but I was told I had low platelets and that I needed to have a full blood count test. I had no idea what low platelets were so I decided to google it, never a wise idea. I came across all sorts of information related to pre eclampsia and something else called Help syndrome, but I didn’t have any of the symptoms apart from the low platelets. My blood pressure wasn’t high and I had no swellings.

From the information I read and was given is that low platelets mean that my blood wasn’t clotting properly which could result in excessive bleeding in labour, this concerned me greatly and made me panic a little. The average person has 400,000 platelets, my blood test came back saying that I had 70,000. I was told that I had to go to hospital and have more blood taken and to see a consultant. We sat in the hospital for six hours waiting for blood tests to come back, I was told it would only take a couple of hours. The results showed that they had dropped to 69,000 and asked to come back in a couple of days. During those couple of days I consumed foods that according to google would help improve my platelet count so when I went back to hospital for more blood tests, another five hours sat around waiting I was disappointed to hear they had dropped to 64,000. A consultant, anaesthetist and doctors came to speak to me about the implications of low platelets and how I wouldn’t be able to have an epidural during labour and also the risks of internal bleeding.

All of this was information overload and then i was told that they wanted to deliver the baby the next day, which was the Wednesday. They wanted to deliver the baby before my platelets dropped even lower which would have made bleeding hard to control. I was also told that they wanted to deliver the baby via caesarean and under general anesthetic as it was too dangerous to have an epidural due to risks of bleeding on the spine. This was everything i didn’t want to happen but i knew it was the safest option for me and the baby.

Wednesday morning came and we had to be at the hospital for 7.30am and I was told that I was the only one down for a caesarean so unless there was emergency’s I would go down fairly early. Arriving at the hospital and being shown to a room was all very surreal, lots of paper work had to be completed and then we just had to wait.

Morning of cesarean

As you can see I looked so glamorous in a horrible hospital gown!

At 8.30 I was taken to the operating theatre, nothing more daunting than having to actually walk into an operating theatre and made to lie down. Having the cannula put in my hand was flipping painful, after that all i remember is them telling me to keep my eyes open as long as possible as they gave me the general anesthetic. An hour or so later I came round in a recovery ward where M joined me and we were both introduced to our beautiful little baby boy. I came round really quickly after they delivered the baby, they kept Joshua with me in the operating theatre so both M and I discovered the sex of the baby together which I was pleased about.

Joshua birth

As soon as I came round I had skin to skin contact with Joshua which helped with the bonding, even now I cannot believe how perfect he is.

After lunch, which was actually quite tasty, I was moved onto the ante natal ward where I managed to get a bit of rest. M went back home to pick E up from school and then E and my mother in law – who kindly travelled from Derby to look after E whilst I was in hospital, came to visit me and to meet baby Joshua. E was so excited and she had her first cuddle, it was then I realised that my family was complete and despite the early delivery and the method that Joshua came into the world is was all worth it.

Meeting Joshua

Joshua is now three weeks old and I feel fully recovered, I just have to be careful not to do any heavy lifting for a couple more weeks but apart from that I have healed and recovered quickly.

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