Top 5 Reasons To Have Children

I never anticipated how much my life and how much I would change once I had children. Being a parent is hard work, I don’t care what Super nanny says or how amazing some parents are. This job is hard work and it comes with both good and bad points. However there are so many […]

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Living Arrows 1/52 (2018)

When I first started blogging several years ago, I had no idea that there was a blogging community. It turns out there are some really lovely people who also blog. Some of them are amazing and I really do enjoy reading other people’s posts. To get involved with the community a little bit more and […]

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Brains active

5 Fun Activities to Keep Kid’s Brains Active During The School Holidays

We are two weeks into the summer school holidays, we are having fun and enjoying relaxing. One thing I am aware of is how easy it is to spend too much time with technology. Everything should be in moderation. It is important that they keep their little brains active.. Here are 5 fun activities which […]

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Helping Your Child Over Come Bedwetting

Of all the skills your child masters as they grow, one of the hardest is managing their bladder. Some children seem to master it without a problem but other children struggle. Bedwetting is night time ‘accidents’ that happen when a child is asleep. They either don’t get the urge to visit the toilet or they […]

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Photographic memories

Photographic Memories

I love my DSLR as much as a child. I treasure it and it brings me untold joy. But what did we do before phones could take photos? E went through stages of being camera-averse and thusly, reacted strongly to the sight of the big Canon coming at her. J just wants to grab hold of it. […]

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