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Christmas is a wonderful exciting time of the year for E, she keeps asking to put up the Christmas tree up and talks about Father Christmas. The adverts on the television have led to the I wonder if Father Christmas will bring me this or that etc..

So when a parcel from Baker Ross turned up full of Christmas crafts she was really excited.

The first craft she really wanted to do was the Snowman Coasters, this is a really easy craft for little ones to do as all the collage type stickers are self adhesive so all she had to was put the coloured stickers in the right place. This is a simple craft that she could do herself.

Baker Ross Christas craftsE loves her new snowman coaster and told me that she is going to use it for her drinks and no one else can use it.

PicMonkey CollageEmily spent time concentrating on the snowman coasters to ensure that she put the stickers in the right place. But as you can see it is an easy craft which is great for when you want to occupy the little ones whilst you are trying to get something else done. The Snowman Coasters come in a pack of six for the bargain price of £3.60. E really enjoyed making these so I totally recommend them if you are after a quick and easy simple craft for you little one’s.

The next craft we moved onto was Felt Christmas Stockings Sewing Kits, when completed these look super cute.

Baker Ross Christmas crafts

The kit includes a felt stocking, some wool for sewing round the edges, a plastic needle, a ribbon and self adhesive stickers for the front of the stocking.

The first part of the task is making sure both sides of the stocking are level and then sewing it together, there are little holes which indicate where you need to sew, this is very handy as it means that everything is level. Once the stocking it stitched up you add the ribbon at the top so you can hang the stocking up, there is a little hole for this also. E tried to have a go at the sewing but after a while she got a bit fed up and found a little tricky. So I sat there sewing the stocking up so that E could finish of the stocking by sticking the self adhesive stickers on the front of it.

Once the stocking is completed it looks really lovely, E said she is going to put it in her bedroom as its nearly Christmas and she needs a stocking!

Christmas stocking craftThe Christmas Stockings kits can be bought in a pack of three and cost £3.60. This is a lovely looking craft that older children will be able to complete on their own and younger children enjoying putting all the stickers on.

The next craft, which I have fallen In love with, is The Penguin Gift Bags. This is another simple craft that can be done by all ages and looks great when completed.

The kits come with a gusseted paper bag, foam pieces and a pom pom and some instructions. To start with put the paper bag down on the table nice and flat and then attach the self adhesive foam pieces to the bag, the instructions show you where to put the pieces and a picture of how is should look.

Baker Ross Gift Bags

E enjoyed this craft and I love the end product so much that I will get E to make some more as they are great for putting small gifts in.

Gift bag craftThe Penguin Gift Bag Kits come with four penguin bags, two designs and cost £3.60 but are currently on offer for £1.99, a bargain for these lovely kits. I can totally recommend these kits for children of all ages.

The final Christmas craft we had left to do was the Reindeer Hand Print Crowns, I have a love hate relationship with hand print crafts, I love them because they always look good and very personal but at the same time they are hard work because E is not so great at keeping her hands still! Despite that the Reindeer Hand Print Crowns were a lot of fun to do.

Each kit includes foam templates, self-adhesive foam pieces and card headband, which can be adjusted to size. The first part of the craft was to draw around E’s hand, surprisingly she kept still. Once the hands were cut out we had to stick them on to the card headband using PVA glue, once that was done and dry E was able to start sticking the self adhesive stickers onto the crown.

Reindeer Crafts

E really enjoyed sticking the foam pieces on and she looked at the picture on the instructions so that she put everything in the right place, she was really pleased with herself for putting all the stickers in the right place.

Reimdeer crown

As you can see E is pleased with her Reindeer Hand print Crown and she keeps putting it on, she even wanted to wear it to school but I convinced her not too as I already know how upset she would be if it got broken.

The Reindeer Hand print Crowns are a fun craft to do for all ages, a pack of four Reindeer Hand print Crowns only costs £3.49


Disclosure:- We were sent the craft items to review and all words and opinions are our own.


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