Joshua is three months old!

I cannot believe how fast the time has gone, but it’s true Joshua is now three months old – well thirteen week to be precise! At three months old he is…

  1. Ridiculously long – really must get him measured again
  2. Around thirteen pounds – need to get him weighed to verify his current weight as that was a week or so ago.
  3. Not completely bald but getting there! He still is loosing his hair in funny tufts.
  4. Still exclusively breastfed.
  5. Is sleeping about 14 hours a day total.
  6. Not showing any signs of sleeping through the night, BOOO! He sleeps his first stretch starting at 7 or 8pm – and goes to 1 or 2am then the next for 4 hours and then he is either ready to rock and roll 6am or he will go back to sleep.
  7. He smiles at me when he hears my voice or when I am staring at him smiling too.
  8. He coos sounds of happiness and kind of yell-coos sounds of bored or annoyed.
  9. Is wearing 3-6 month old clothes. 0-3 sleepsuits turn into baby thongs on him!
  10. He is wearing size 2 nappies.
  11. He’s reaching out for things we put in front of him but not quite grasping and holding on yet.
  12. During tummy time he is lifting himself up and looking around, he is also moving his legs like he is ready to start trying to crawl.
  13. He is holding his head up really well, but he cannot keep it there,
  14. Focusing on objects and clearly trying to process what it its.
  15. Trying to stand up on my lap and loves pushing off of my hands when he is having tummy time.
  16. He only cries when he is hungry, tired or bored. If I am a good mummy he rarely cries!
  17. Refuses to go to sleep in his Moses basket during the day but settles ok at night – especially after is 10pm feed.
  18. During the day he sometimes feeds every three hours, mummy is a busy lady!
  19. Flailing his arms and legs nearly 20 hours a day! Yes, even in his sleep. It’s constant. I have had to stop watching him I will go cross-eyed staring for so long!
  20. He it the light and pure joy of my world (As is E also!)

The last thirteen weeks have just flown by, the have gone by in a blur. I haven’t had time for anything apart from looking after E and J and attempting to keep the house clean and tidy – not succeeding on the house front! I have been so busy that my blog hasn’t been very active for the last few weeks. But now that J is more settled with sleep and in general its time for me to be able to make time for my passion of blogging – that’s when I can keep my eyes open. Here is a little glimpse at J over the last few weeks. JoshuaHe has changed so much since he was first born. Here are a few more photos.. Joshua collageHe really is super cute and he has rocked our world, E loves J so much and is very protective of him. We really are blessed to have two wonderful children.

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