Mothers Day Crafts with Baker Ross

Mothers Day is on the 6th March this year, so with the date looming towards us quickly it is the perfect time to make some lovely mothers day crafts. As a mummy the things I have loved the most has been what E has made me for mother’s day, now that she is getting older she enjoys making cards and other crafty things for other people. Its even cuter when she writes in them.

Baker Ross have an amazing selection of mothers day crafts, there really is something that will appeal to everyone. Bakers Ross have kindly sent us some mothers day craft sets to make.

The first craft is mum concertina colour in cards

Baker Ross mothers day

This is a nice simple craft that little children will love doing. E enjoyed colouring in hers, I have mentioned before E has a short attention span when it comes to colouring. However she enjoyed colouring in this card.

Bakers Ross Mothers Day cardsEmily was very precise with the little details on the dresses but didn’t want to colour in the whole dress, I was quite amused with the faces she drew on the cards, as you can see with the finished product that one of the is wearing sunglasses, well I assume that’s what they were supposed to be!

Baker Ross mothers day cardsI love the end product and E is really pleased with it. This is a great little craft that will keep children busy for a little while. The Mothers Day Make-A–Face cards come in packs of six and only cost £1.80.

The next craft that Baker Ross Sent us is Tissue Paper Flower Kits. These were a little tricky for E to do on her own, but with a little help she did really well.

tissue paper flowers

The kits include various colours of tissue paper and pipe cleaners. To make these lovey paper blooms you have to wrap a pipe cleaner around the tissue paper and then start t fan it out.

tissue paper flowersYou continue to do this using two different colours and then you end up with a lovely flower like this..

Tissue paper flowersE absolutely loves these flowers and has taken one into school to show her teacher.  The Tissue Paper Flower Kits come in packs of six for £3.49. You could make a lovely bloom of flowers using these kits. The best bit is  they will never die. Sounds like the perfect sort of flower to me.

E with paper flowerThe craft is easy enough to do but still a bit tricky for a four year old but I am sure older children would find this a fun and simple craft.


Disclosure – We were sent these crafts from Bakers Ross to make, all words and opinions are our own.




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