Our Half Term In Photos

We survived half term.. well I did! I kept E busy and she was a great help with J and as a whole I think apart from a couple of mini meltdowns it was a good week, so much so that I’m not looking forward to E being back at school on Monday. As E has grown older she has also become really good company and its just nice to have someone to chat to and do things with it. We have had a nice relaxing week and the thought of super speedy school mornings is not one I look forward to..

I have taken many ‘snap’ photos on my phone during the week so I thought I would share some as a photo always says more than just word’s.

We started the week off with a fab birthday party for two of the girls E goes to school with, she had a great time.

Emily dressed as elsaWe spent a lot of the time at the park, well not one park but a couple of different one’s. The park is a free activity that children love, it can be a bit repetitive for adults but getting E running around, burning off energy¬†and having fun is always a good idea.

E at the parkE loves being at the park

E at the parkJ is normally in the pram when ever we go out but for one trip to the park I put him in the baby carrier, he absolutely loved it, watching E run around and being able to see everything.

J in baby carrier

We ventured into town a couple of times, E kept saying she wished she had a scarf like I have so whilst in town I managed to pick one up in the sales with a matching hat – which I don’t think really fits her, a little on the small size!

E with new hat and scarf

Every time we go into town E loves to run around and this pole, I think most children do as when ever I walk past there is someone running around it.

E in town

Cuddles on the sofa before bed is the perfect way to end any day. E loves J so much.

E and J

we have only had one really wet day, thankfully! We had a nice lazy day and E wanted to watch Frozen, she even dressed up to watch it.

E dressed up as anna

J has loved having E around also, you can tell as his eyes follow her constantly and he laughs when ever she goes and talks and plays with him. Whenever I was doing something with E he just had to chill out in his chair and watch or be on my knee.

J in his chairOn the Thursday I promised to take E to the local hungry horse restaurant, its quite a walk for her little legs but she was very excited to be going out to eat with mummy and J.at hungry horseJ slept the whole time we were there which was great as it gave E some special mummy and daughter time. We both really enjoyed ourselves, E was so well behaved and ate so much food, but she managed to save room for pudding

E eating ice creamIt really was a lovely treat. Apart from going out everyday to the park and seeing her friend that lives near by E has kept herself busy playing, watching tv and doing lots of colouring.

E colouring mothers day

It has been a good week and its now unfortunately come to an end, all there is left to do is more homework ready for Monday.

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