Painting with an eleven month old

When I mention painting with an eleven month old the reactions vary from you must be crazy or an eleven month old cannot do painting. Ok, I will admit it does seem like a totally crazy thing to consider doing and it could all go very wrong!

Well its a good job everyone in Mum, that’s me household are slightly crazy, in a good way of course. J and I were having an afternoon playing and doing the same old stuff we seem to do when I decided I was going to try painting with him, it was one of those spur of the moment decisions, thinking how wrong it could go but also how much fun it could be.

I found some paper, paint brushes and chose some yellow paint and called J into the kitchen, he instantly tried pulling everything of the table – at this point I am questioning my sanity, painting with a destructive eleven month old could be interesting.

The first thing I did was paint J’s hands, well he found this so funny! J has this really infectious laugh to the point it is hard not to laugh with him. He obviously likes the slimy feeling of the paint as kept squashing It in his hands, I finally managed to get him to put his hand on the paper to make a hand print. I was surprised how well it turned out, I honestly expected him to just smear his hands across the paper.

Joshua Painting

Next I was brave enough to give the paint brush to J to see what he did, I mean the worst thing he could do was paint all over himself!

img_1671aAfter holding the brush in many different positions, squishing the paint on the brush I managed to get him to splodge some paint on paper.

Joshuas first paintingok, I know it’s no Picasso but I feel even these spodges is a great achievement. The painting session came to an end not long after that J took an interest in the other end of the brush…

Joshua PaintingDespite it not being a long painting session we both had fun and J’s laughing made it even more entertaining. Now that I know he was interested and enjoyed painting, next week I am going to make some homemade edible paint – that way it can’t go too wrong, can it?

J’s artwork has made it onto the kitchen wall full of creations and E thinks it is brilliant that J did painting whilst she was at school today.

Painting with an eleven month oldI will be sure to blog about all the fun we have painting next week with homemade paint.



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