My Best Friend Igglepiggle Review

We have recently been sent the very cute and adorable My Best Friend Igglepiggle to review.

In the night garden Iggle piggleAs soon as I took it out of the box I just knew that J would love it as its cuddly and makes a noise!

Igglepiggle is a character from in the Night Garden, we haven’t actually watched the program, but that night I made sure we did, out of curiosity and J seemed to like it.

Igglepiggle is activated by pressing its right hand and it either makes a jingle sound like he does on the program or stories and lullabies will be played. There are a total of 3 different stories and 4 lullabies, there are also other friendly things that are said when the hand is pressed such as ‘someone isn’t sleeping’.

Igglepiggle has moving eyes that open and shut, this proved to be a great success with J, he spent quite a lot of time opening and closing them, so the phrases eyes open and Igglepiggle is sleeping are heard frequently.

My best friend Igglepiggle

At first I thought the head was heavy and whilst being thrown around – as 11 months old seem to do, the eyes opening and shutting sound quite loud. Having had a good look at Igglepiggle myself the head doesn’t feel heavy at all but if you open and close the eyes quickly then they can appear a little noisy.

When E got home from school she was excited to see a new toy in the house and was keen to have a play with it, she also loved the eyes and that when Igglepiggle eyes are closed and goes to sleep if you press his right hand again a lullaby is played and a little light appears in his chest but not for long.

Igglepiggle is marketed as the perfect daytime and night time friend, Igglepiggle is certainly loved during the day however after putting Igglepiggle to bed with J he only lasted in there an hour. J moves around a lot so the eyes kept opening and closing and all I could hear was Igglepiggle talking! I think if he wasn’t such a wriggler then he would be a cute night time friend especially as he lights up when asleep when his hand is pressed.

As a whole Igglepiggle is a welcomed new addition in the house and gets cuddle’s and played with by the both of the children. The toy is for ages 10 months plus and can be purchased from Golden Bear for £29.99 and other good retailers

Igglepiggle collage

Disclaimer – We were sent My Best Friend Igglepiggle to review for the Rainbow Toy Awards – all words and opinions are our own.


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