Mess free painting

Mess Free Painting

This is a great fun, mess free painting activity.

Both E and J love to paint, however J has a short attention span. He also likes to paint himself, the wall, even other people. Whilst this is fun, sometimes its nice to have a mess free painting activity.

The other day we did sandwich bag painting. I know this sounds a little odd. But stay with me on this and I can guarantee it will entertain your little ones.

To start with get a sandwich or zip lock bag. Then cut a piece of paper to the size of it and make sure it fits in just nicely.

Mess Free PaintingThen choose a few different colour paints. I recommend the Scola ready coloured paint which you can buy online. They are great colours and last for ages.

Splodge a few dollops onto the paper, don’t skimp on the paint, the more the better.

Mess Free PaintNext comes the fun bit. Putting the piece of paper into the sandwich bag. It is bound to squish around a little. It’s almost like a crystal maze challenge. Getting the paper in the bag with out messing all the paint up.

Afterwards seal up the sandwich bag up and make sure none of the paint can leak out. Then tape the mess free paint bag onto a table, especially important with really little ones. Then watch them squish the paint and make different patterns, shapes and much more.

Mess Free PaintingThis is a great sensory craft exercise for really young children. J loved feeling the paint squish through the sandwich bag. E started making patters and using her fingers like a paint brush to make a picture.

Mess free painting

Once they had finished mess free painting, the next step was to clean up. Oh, there is no mess! Loving this mess free painting.

Next its time for another crystal maze challenge.. Take the paper out of the sandwich bag so you can keep the picture. Obviously if you don’t want the messy picture just either keep the paint bag for later or just bin it. I decided I wanted the pictures to put on our wall of crafts.

The best way I discovered is to get a pair of scissors, open the bag slightly and then cut all down the sides. That way all you have to do is lift the top of the sandwich bag back. Then you can lift the masterpiece out and leave it to dry.

As we used a lot of paint it took a long time to dry. The kids had a lot of fun and I love the finished product. This one is J’s.

Mess free painting

This craft Is a lot of fun and a great mess free activity. Its quick and easy to prepare and no major cleaning up to do after, which in my eyes is always good.


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Mess Free PaintingAnother mess free painting option is using Little Brain Paint Sticks. Take a look at them.

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