Little Brian Paint Sticks Review

*We were gifted the Little Brian Paint Sticks for the purpose of this review*

I love spending time with the children doing arts and crafts. I am not an overly creative parent but I will happily get the paints, glues and other crafty things out. However sometimes I look to do something that isn’t too messy, especially when I am trying to multi task. This normally results in the colouring books coming out.

I have recently been introduced to Little Brian Paint Sticks.

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks are a genius idea! They are basically normal, water-based paint, in a stick. Similar to a glue stick. They work in the same way, you can twist them up and down. Making it easy to get the rest of the paint out for your child’s masterpiece. The sticks are solid, very vibrant paint that is dry in seconds.

I love that the children can paint without the mess. I don’t need to think about water being knocked over or paint being splattered on the floor.

Painting with Little Brian Paint Sticks

Because the paints dry so quickly it means that my youngest paintings are no longer a mixture of colours smeared together which results in nothing but a brown soggy painting. The children love using the paint sticks.

My daughter thinks they are great because it means she can put more detail into a painting and doesn’t need to wait ages for it to dry.

Emily painting with paint sticks


What I really love about the paint sticks is that they work on a variety of surfaces including paper, card, wood, stone and even glass. We decided to try painting on some stones from the garden to see how they came out. The children really enjoyed doing this as it was something different.

Painting on stones

Once the children had finished their stones we varnished them and now they are looking all pretty in the garden. I can see that many more stones will appear in the garden painted.

We spent at least an hour painting with the paint sticks and I am pleased to say that hardly any of the paint stick’s were used.

The paint sticks are really versatile, they come with an ideas sheet inside the box with more techniques to try. These include, blending the colours, adding water to create watercolour effects and using them on stamper’s.


Overall Opinion

The paint sticks are a fantastic idea and I am really impressed with them. The children think they are great fun and easy to use. I am particularly impressed with them because they are mess free.

The paint sticks are defiantly a great addition to our craft box and as they are easy to use they are perfect for a quick and easy craft session. I would even consider taking them with us when we go away or visit family.

I think that the paint sticks are great value for money and reasonably priced, starting at around £6 for the smaller packs. We will definitely be buying more when our’s run out and as they are not to expensive, they would be perfect for children’s birthday parties.

The paint sticks are widely available in most toy stores and online retailers such as Amazon. Little Brian sell a variety of paint stick products including some awesome looking metallic colours paint sticks.


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2 thoughts on “Little Brian Paint Sticks Review

  1. These look amazing, what a great idea. I’m all for simple crafts too, my kiddies would love these.

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