Aquabeads Birthday Cake Tutorial

Aquabeads Birthday Card Tutorial

Getting to the shops to buy a special birthday card isn’t easy during lockdown. The cards you find on the high street also seem to be very ‘samey’.

We have an awful lot of birthdays during the summer months and E wanted to make a special card for her friends birthday. They are having a social distancing picnic party!

Aquabeads have released a new range of star shaped beads, i think they are brilliant. They make your creations look brilliant. Including the cake that Emily made to stick on her card. We couldn’t find a template for a card so we had to figure out how to do it ourselves.

Aquabead star beads


On opening the starter box, we found that the contents inside consisted of:

  • A bead tray lid
  • 1 x bead tray
  • 1  board
  • A flip tray
  • 1 x bead dispenser
  • A bead sprayer
  • 3 x reversible template sheets
  • 1000 beads of varying colours.

Aquabead star beads


Making the cake

Once we had decided what we were going to make all we had to do was decide on colours and get started.

Aquabeads cakeTo make the cake, start with making a stand. We chose to use the brown star beads for this. When it came to the cake we chose to use the white and pale pink star beads.

You can make the cake as high or low as you want to. We found to keep the cake straight we had to alternate each layer of the cake, one line bead one longer than the line below.

Aquabeads Birthday Cake

The tricky bit we found was making the candles, we just kind of made it up as we went a long. They didn’t look to bad.

If you haven’t used Aquabeads before, once you have made your creation you have to spray the finished creation with water and then let it dry and set.

Spraying Aquabeads cakeThe cake took around 16 hours to set properly and not be sticky. Other creations have taken 12 hours roughly. I think we possibly sprayed it with too much water.

E then stuck the cake to the card and wrote Happy Birthday on the front. We ended up using a glue gun to stick it to the card, super glue would have worked but we managed to stick our fingers together!


Here is the finished product.

Aquabead biirthday card

We have been told that the birthday girl loved her card.

The Aquabeads website has a lot of different template sheets that you can download and print out. You really can have hours of fun with Aquabeads and make some great creations.

We are huge fans of Aquabeads in this house, even i like to get involved. I am impressed with the star beads as they add some extra texture into the cake. We look forward to making many more things with them.

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