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Summer – oh how I love this time of year, the flip flops and shorts are out of the wardrobe and have actually been worn quite a lot. But as we all know British Summertime has it fair share of wet days, typically at the weekend or when the children are off from School.

We received another great parcel from Baker Ross recently that’s full of great Bakers Ross crafts, all of these crafts are perfect for those wet days over the summer. As usual E couldn’t wait to get started.

The first craft E chose to do is the Elephant Mosaic Magnet kits.

Baker Ross Crafts

When we opened the packet there was a foam shaped elephant with squares on to show where to put the foam squares, a couple of sheets of different colour foam squares, two googly eyes and a magnet to stick to the back.

Baker Ross Elephant ContentsI do love crafts like this as it is something E can do on her own or with very little supervision. E was keen to get started and looked at the pattern and the colours used on the front of the packet.

Baker Ross Summer CraftsThe end product looked great, E had stuck the self adhesive squares and also the self adhesive magnet strip to the back, ready to stick on our fridge.

Baker Ross Elephant CraftI think the finished product looks lovely. The Elephant Mosaic Magnet Kits cost £3.49 for a pack of four and they are a great fun craft.

The next craft E chose to make was the glitter sand art pictures craft.

Baker Ross sand artI was really excited about this craft as was E. We were sent a pack of self-adhesive art sheets and a pack of glitter sand which came in little packs of lots of different glittery colours.

Baker Ross Sand ArtThe craft itself is easy to do, the art craft sheets have a stickers that you take off when adding glitter to a certain section, that way you can add the glitter colour that you want in the different areas.

Sand art collageAfter adding glitter to a few sections we discovered it was best to add a little glitter then swirl around with your finger then add more – that way we didn’t waste too much glitter.

The end product looks absolutely amazing and we are both really impressed.

Baker Ross Crafts

Next time we make one we are going to do the large areas first then the smaller areas as we found some of the glitter spread.

The Mini Bags of Glitter cost only £3.49 for twelve colours and the Seaside Sand Art Pictures cost £2.96 for a pack of eight.

We had a lot of fun making these crafts.

Disclaimer – We were sent the craft sets in exchange for a review -all words and thoughts are our own




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