Fathers day keyring

Fathers Day Crafts with Baker Ross

.Fathers day is on June the 19th this year which isn’t that far away. I used to always be super organised until J came along. I think I must have left my brain in the hospital before I came home. Hence when it comes to special dates whether it be birthdays, wedding anniversaries and fathers day I am likely to forget until the last minuet.

Recently a lovely parcel from Baker Ross turned up. The parcel included a selection of crafts including Fathers Day crafts. Thank you for the reminder Baker Ross!

The father’s day crafts we have been sent are Fathers Day Tie Bookmarks and Fathers Day Wooden Keyrings.

Fathers Day CraftsE decided she wanted to make a keyring for her daddy first, she chose to make the one with the car on as it is red just like daddy’s new car!

Inside the pack there was some thread, beads, ring and the wooden car.

Fathers Day Keyring

E found this craft nice and simple to make, she enjoyed threading the beads to make the keyring in the same colour pattern as shown on the packet.

Fathers day keyring

Once the beads had been threaded onto the thread that is linked around the hoop all we had to do was thread on the car and make a knot to hold it there.

The finished product

Fathers Day KeyringThe Fathers Day keying Kits are a simple craft that looks great when finished. The pack comes with four different designs and costs £2.99.

Next we moved onto the Fathers Day Tie Bookmarks.

Inside the pack you get instructions, a foam tie and adhesives and a ribbon that links at the top.

baker ross crafts

This fathers day craft is nice and easy to make. It is made up of a foam tie that you can decorate with the self adhesive stickers.


Emily enjoyed making the tie and the finished product looks pretty good too

Bakers Ross CraftsThe Fathers Day Tie Bookmark Kits come in a pack of four for £2.99 and are a lovely fathers day craft.

Emily enjoyed making the father’s day crafts. She can’t wait until fathers day to give her new creations to Daddy.


Disclosure – we were sent the craft sets to make and review – all words and opinions are our own.

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