An Autumn Day

An Autumn walk

It is no secret that I love the summer, the sunshine, warmth and the light nights, I am not a lover of any cold seasons. This year however I have fallen in love with Autumn. I don’t know if its E that has made me this way by opening my eyes to all the beauty that I guess, I have always taken for granted. There is nothing like a child who has a zest for life to make anyone realise how beautiful or wonderful things we take for granted are..

Autumn is beautiful, lots of beautiful colours and so far the temperature hasn’t been too bad and there are even some warm sunny days, and today was one of them. After yesterdays wet and miserable stay in side and play day, I was determined to get us all out of the house today.

We decided to go to the park and have a run around and then go leaf hunting, the park has some large trees where quite a few of the leaves had fallen down on the ground so E was excited to go and play in the leaves whilst looking for some pretty ones to take home.

An Autumn Day

As the leaves were still wet from yesterdays down poor a lot of them were either looking mouldy or damaged, E found a couple she liked that she wanted to take home. This photo makes me smile, she wanted to throw the leaves in the air but because they were a little soggy they didn’t fly in to the air like she wanted them too.

I told E we would go back on a dry day when more leaves had dropped to find more. We then decided to go for a nice walk, we are lucky that not far from us there is a little wooded area, so we decided to go exploring. This in itself turned out to be interesting, pushing a pushchair over bumps and soggy leaves wasn’t the easiest, J however seemed to love all the motion and was chatting away to himself.

Autumn Walk

We didn’t walk far when we got to a little bridge, E spent ages watching the water flowing underneath and throwing sticks in and watching them go under.

We kept walking and exploring, more leaves were found, sticks were added to the collection and there was a lot of laughter and happy faces. I think the highlight for E was finding an acorn tree, she has never found one before and she thought it was great that there were quite a few acorns on the floor. Needless to say we also bought some acorns home with us.

It really was a lovely afternoon in the Autumn sunshine and we will definitely be going on that little walk again what ever the weather.

Autumn Walk



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