Bump Watch 22 Weeks

Bump at 22 weeks22 Weeks pregnant and my bump has started to slowly increase even more.. At 22 weeks they say the baby weighs one whole pound, I have obviously gained more than just one pound though and on average a baby at 22 weeks measures 11 inches long.

At 22 weeks the little wriggler’s lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more pronounced and has also been busy developing tiny tooth buds beneath its gums – ready for the torture that we all get to go through called teething! The eyes are now formed but the iris still lacks pigment.

This last week I have noticed a pattern of when the baby is awake and kicking around and when it seems to rest, it is currently kicking around during its early evening awake period and it seems to be developing its own routine. There is no surprise that I am not a fan of the 1am wake ups busting for the toilet and then baby having a good kick around. But I do love it when it moves around during my normal waking hours.

My tastes and cravings haven’t changed too much this last week except I am now off Lasagna , it no longer tastes great. We went out the other night to eat and I had lasagna and it really didn’t taste good to me at all. I am still loving coke and doughnuts though – not the healthiest of desires but oh well… its only a few months of strange desires.

The down side of the last week has to be even more frequent visits to the loo and sometimes feeling a little uncomfortable whilst getting settled on a night. Being outside in the sunshine is lovely but I also find it quite tiring.

The great name debate still continues as does all the excitement about the baby.


Check back next Monday for the next bump watch


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