Bump Watch 23 Weeks

23 weeks pregnantWell here I am 23 weeks pregnant and embarking on the 24th week of pregnancy, well and truly over half way into my pregnancy. It’s bizarre really, just to think that five months ago I had no clue I was pregnant and now I’m growing a baby, entering my sixth month of pregnancy. That being said, I still have days where I can’t quite believe it is happening. Which sounds insane, I know.

The average baby at this stage weighs 500g, which is equivalent to a small bag of sugar and also measures around 29cm long which sounds quite large, but the wriggler is all curled up inside me hiding somewhere.

Blood vessels in the babies lungs are developing to prepare for breathing, and the sounds that the baby’s ears pick up are preparing him for entry into the outside world,  it can hear voices similar to what we could hear if we stuck our head under the water in the bath. The little wriggler can hear E’s voice well because as soon as she starts chatting away to the bump or blowing raspberries on my tummy – she thinks baby will find this funny, the baby starts to move a lot. I would say the baby moves more to the sound of her voice than other sounds.

The baby is moving more frequently now and it is more noticeable, its weird being able to sit here and watch my tummy moving about, when I was pregnant with E at times is resembled and alien trying to escape with legs and feet sticking out all over the place.. I am starting to think this baby is as active as E was and she still doesn’t sit still now.

My cravings seem to have subsided a little this week, saying that as I write this I really fancy a doughnut. I enjoy potato’s but mostly jacket or new potatoes, still enjoy eating apples and anything sweet as a whole.

I am glad I went and purchased some more summary maternity clothes as the weather has been so hot this last week, I am starting to realise being pregnant in the heat can be hard work, last time round I was pregnant in the winter. The sunshine is nice but wears me out quicker. The bump seems to be all up front at the moment and at times I am noticing it feel a little heavier when I have been walking around a while.

I am trying to start to get more organised for the arrival of the baby, firstly we are trying to move E into a different room with more space but things are delayed as we are having a new fitted wardrobe being put in, so the delays are delaying getting everything else organised.. Far too much stress, if only I could click my heels twice and it all be done, I would be one happy mummy.

We are still struggling with names, girls doesn’t seem to be a problem but for boys names we are not feeling very inspired or agreeing on much. Still 16/17 weeks to go though so plenty of time to keep thinking.


Check back for more bump watch next week.



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