Celebrate World Chocolate Day with Cottage Delight

There really is a day for everything, an awareness day or some national or international day. There is one of these days which is my favourite. World Chocolate Day. This wonderful day is on the 7th July and gives the perfect excuse to indulge in all things chocolaty. Not that I need an excuse.

World Chocolate Day isn’t just about eating chocolate bars, it can be anything with chocolate in. I have recently been introduced to Cottage Delights chocolate based range. When the items arrived my mouth began to water. However, there was no way these would last until World Chocolate Day.

World Chocolate DayThe photo really doesn’t do the items justice. After much deliberation I have no choice but to give you a description whilst tasting each item. This will probably make your mouth water, for that reason I will let you know where to purchase the items.


Gluten Free Rocky Road Tray Bake


World Chocolate Day

I have a friend who eats Gluten Free food and to be honest it has never taken my fancy and tastes different. But oh my word, look at this! *mouth-watering?* This is super chocolaty and absolutely to die for. Chocolate overload at its greatest. The youngest enjoyed picking the marshmallows off and managed to get covered in chocolate at the same time. This very tasty Rocky Road Tray bake is made Belgium chocolate, cranberries, crunchy biscuit and mini marshmallows.  You really wouldn’t think it was gluten-free.


Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Biscuits


World Chocolate Day

Another Gluten free product that’s tastes great. I decided to let my two-year old do the initial taste challenge. He is a biscuit fan. In fact I think we could call him cookie monster. He seemed to enjoy them, leaving nothing apart from the crumbs I will be cleaning up later. I thought I better try one, before the cookie monster gets hold of them. They are very buttery texture and crunchy like any normal biscuit. The two gluten-free items have made me change my mind about gluten-free items and the taste.


Chocolate Wafers & Chocolate Palmiers


World Chocolate DayThe chocolate Wafers and Palmiers are the two items that have nearly all gone. They are both Moorish. The children love to have ice cream after their evening meal and they both accompany that so well. Particular the wafers. They have a lovely chocolate centre which we all love. I have caught my husband munching on them in the kitchen a couple of times. They are a great accompaniment to ice cream and coffee. The palmiers are made from puff pasty with chocolate at the bottom with a sugar glaze, which my daughter loves. She will happily eat these alone, but they do get served with ice cream. Both items are extremely tasty.


Double Chocolate Sponge Cake


World Chocolate DayThis delightfully tasty sponge cake is my favourite chocolaty product out of all of the items. I am quite partial to a nice slice of cake and this really is nice. Light and moist chocolate sponge with plenty of choc chips in. Delicious. Perfect with a nice cup of tea or a little treat. Cake never lasts long in this house and one thing for sure is that this one certainly wont last long. I thoroughly recommend trying it.


Luxury Chocolate Fudge


World Chocolate DayThere is a reason this is called luxury fudge.. Melt in the mouth, very chocolaty, yet not over powering, tasty fudge. This hand made fudge is one of the nicest fudges I have tried. Its true testament is in the fact that I don’t normally eat a lot of fudge, yet this pack is almost empty.

I am genuinely impressed with all of the Cottage Delight products. If your like me and you love all things chocolaty then check out their online shop. You wont be disappointed. You dot need world chocolate day to indulge In some tasty treats.




Disclaimer – This is a collaborated post but all words and opinions are our own.

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