Chasing Dreams

I’ve had a bit of a reluctant break from blogging since my last post. I say reluctant because there are many occasions when I’ve thought ‘that would make a cracking blog post’ or ‘I must blog about this so she can read about it one day’. Why haven’t I blogged? Truth be told – I just can’t find the time.

So, what has made me sit here in front of my laptop and search for my login details before putting fingers to keyboard? It’s not an incredibly cute photo (although I have added some) nor a major milestone reached and I’m not here to post a piece of advice I’ve received that I feel so compelled to share

I’m here because this is my little space on the internet where I can vent my feelings, share my life and empty my mind – and there is plenty to empty out. But the main reason I am here is because I love to write, I always have.

As a teenager I wrote poetry, not the sort that is about life being rubbish that teens tend to write, but poems about all sorts of things. When I went to university I used to enjoy writing essays, granted it had to be a subject I enjoyed. And now I have my blog, where I write what ever and when ever I want. It would be wonderful if one day someone stumbled upon my ramblings and offered me a column to write, I mean how much fun would it be to be a columnist. But I know that is highly unlikely to happen so I will just keep on writing my blog but I can also keep hoping that my dream might one day come true.

I think it is important to try to follow your dreams and ambitions in any way you can, what ever they might be because to have a dream is a passion and to go through life without trying to get what you want would be full of regrets and very dull. Not every dream or ambition will happen but it’s always worth trying.

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a dancer, having had no classical training like a lot of dancers I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I decided to study A-level dance, I then auditioned for a Cornish dance company and got accepted, both of these helped my confidence and skill greatly and then I went of to University to study dance. I knew I was never going to be famous due to my lack of classical training but I was chasing a dream and loved every minuet of it.

Chasing the dream to be a dancer resulted in me working on a cruise ship dancing and doing various summer seasons on holiday parks as an entertainer and dancer. So many amazing experiences and so many stories I could tell. So in my eyes I achieved my ambition to be a dancer.

At the start of this post I said about being so busy and not finding the time to blog, sickness and generally being busy and pursuing other things have meant I haven’t made much time for my blog, which I love, but I am now back and raring to go!

One piece of advice I would want E to have through life is always make time for your dreams, ambitions and everything you love and enjoy doing because by doing so life will be fun and when she looks back she will have some wonderful memories and experiences.

What ever E’s dreams,. ambitions or desires are, whether attainable or not I will encourage her to always try.

Maybe her love of crazy glasses might want her to be an optician or designer.
Funny glasses
Or her love of cooking with mummy and daddy might lead her to being a chef.
Her love for animals might make her desire to be a zoologist.
playing with animals
 But like most little girls I think she is quite happy being a princess at the moment.

What ever her dreams are or will be I would love her to have fun trying and not to just think I will never be able to do it so there is no point trying.

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