Is Your Child Safe On Social Media?

The internet is an amazing place, it opens a world of opportunities. Children can learn, create and connect with friends and family.

I think most parents worry when their children venture onto social media, especially with all the cyber bullying and online predators you read about.

As a parent it is my job to look after my children at home. It is also a parents job to make sure they are safe when they use social media. As adults we are usually able to protect ourselves. We know how to protect our privacy and know when something isn’t right. Often Children don’t.

It’s not a conversation you normally consider having. But when children venture onto the internet and social media, as a parent you are responsible to make sure they aware of the real dangers of the internet.

social media

They need to be aware that what ever they put online is permanent. This includes texting! The photo they post online is no longer theirs. It is Facebook’s, goggles, Instagram etc And they can do what they want with it. So can a bully. They could be a friend of a friend who can access your childs photos.

Children also need to be taught who to interact with. Tell them only to be friends with people they actually know in person. No one else. What sort of information they should and shouldn’t share.

Always ask what your children are doing on social media, what accounts they are using. Set screen time limits and encourage your children to engage face to face and go out and play.

How much do you know about your children’s social media activity and how to keep them safe?  NCC Home Learning currently have a survey we would love you to have a look at. Its to find out if parents believe their children are safe on social media. Click here for the survey.

Once the survey is completed NCC Home Learning are going to share the results with me. This means I can let my readers know the outcome of it too. It would be great if you could spare a few minuets to enter the survey.


Disclosure – This is a collaborative post.





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