Creating a feature wall with wallsauce

Creating A Feature Wall With Wallsauce

Having lived in our current house for six years, I find it frustrating that our bedroom hasn’t been decorated. During the six years we have had a new bathroom fitted and decorated other rooms. However this summer I am adamant that our bedroom will be decorated.

There has been various reasons we haven’t got round to decorating our room, one being unable to decide on a colour scheme. First it was going to be blue, then I wanted pink but that wasn’t happening. Now I think we have decided on white and grey. I know it’s not a very exciting colour scheme however I like it. I think white makes a room look really fresh.

We have decided to haveĀ one wall as a feature wall, break up the white a little. We both like the idea of grey and then possibly adding a pop of colour with accessories. I have recently discovered Wallsauce and they have certainly given me some inspiration and given me some other ideas for our feature wall.

Wallsauce creates and supplies amazing wall murals. There are so many stunning ones to choose from, or you can uploads your own image and create a custom mural for your home. There is a choice of quality wall papers to choose from including peel and stick. They are a great way of adding a pop of colour and making your room look amazing.

I particularly love some of the black and white muruals that are available. I love this forest silhouette mural. Defiantly one I would consider for my bedroom.

Decorating a Feature Wall With Wallsauce

I also really love this one. Discovering Wallsauce has been a game changer in my thoughts on how to decorate our bedroom. It may delay things a little longer.

feature Wall


Wallsauce have so many murals to choose from. They have some great ones for children’s bedrooms.

Decorating a feature wall with wallsauce

There are loads of kids ones to choose from. I know my daughter would like the unicorn murals. I really could and did spend ages browsing their website.

If you are looking to spruce up your home, decorate or add a feature wall to a room then take a look at the Wallsauce website. I guarantee you will like what they have to offer.





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