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A Dog’s Purpose Review

Having watched the trailer for A Dog’s Purpose, I knew the film was gong to give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

A Dog's Purpose

The Plot

The film is set spends the film in the simple mindset of a dog (voiced by Josh Gad), , who continues to be reincarnated every time it dies. The weirder part is that the dog remembers all of its memories and experiences from its past lives, but for some reason does not utilize them.

Ethan and his mum were in town shopping when they saw a cute puppy locked in a car dehydrated in a car. They break the car window and end up keeping the dog. Ethan calls him Bailey.

A Dog's Purpose

The film spends most of the time with Bailey and his first family. Ethan as a child finds solace and companionship with his dog while growing up in a tumultuous household. As Ethan grows older he starts to date Hannah and plans to leave for college. Bailey reaches the end of his life with Ethan and as he dies he reincarnates into another dog.

The cruel hands of fate lead us from one dog death to the other. But Bailey keeps coming back, reborn repeatedly into different bodies and genders, retaining his consciousness and memories from past lives. And it is through this reincarnation cycle that Bailey encounters many humans, some good, some grey and some downright bad as he realizes his true calling.

Bailey is constantly questioning his purpose throughout the film.

What is the meaning of life? Are we here for a reason? Is there a point to anything?”, ponders Bailey

After over half a century and five reincarnations Bailey is left abandoned from being tied up outside someone’s home. He runs off into the countryside where he realises he recognises it all. He realises the grown up man is Ethan and he is lonely. after hanging around Ethan takes on the dog. The dog manages to reunite Ethan and his first love back together and they end up marrying each other.

After a while Ethan discovers that the dog is Bailey reincarnated in a rather twee way. Whilst playing with Ethan Bailey does the same things he did when he was in his first life. Old Ethan cannot believe it. The end of the film shows Ethan putting on Baileys old collar.

A Dog's Purpose

Throughout the film Bailey learns what A Dog’s Purpose is –

  1. “Have fun!”
  2. “Save the ones you can save”
  3. “Lick the ones you love”
  4. “Just be here now”

Our Opinion

We loved A Dog’s Purpose, it made us all smile. The film not only has a feel good factor to it but it also has moments that are funny and some that might make you reach for the tissues.

What started out as what appeared to be a predictable film, it had many twists and turns. I am a sucker for happy ending’s and the one in A Dog’s Purpose was one of the warmest and enjoyable that I have seen in a while.

We generally enjoyed the film and I would recommend it. An easy watching film that would appeal to most ages. Especially those that love animals.

The film is PG rating and its running time is 1hr 40 minuets.

A Dog’s Purpose is available on Digital Download, Blu-ray™ and DVD now, courtesy of Entertainment One.





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