Earning a little Extra Pocket Money- Tips for Stay at Home Mums

Many parents simply cannot go back to work after having a child (and many don’t want to). However, this can have a detrimental effect on your family’s bank balance. It is possible to be a busy mum, and earn a little bit of money. Either to help go towards the bills, or allow you a little more freedom when choosing activities with the kids, or most importantly of all- a little extra cash to treat yourself without an attack of mum guilt. Here are some tips to help you earn a little extra pocket money.

1. Flexible Hours

Finding a job with flexible hours might not suit all parents whose kids aren’t yet at school age and don’t have alternative childcare options. However, if you are free during school hours or even just some mornings/afternoons a week, it could be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your free time and earn some extra money. The trick is to find a job, which offers flexible hours, part-time work or job sharing. Some ideas could be working as a receptionist, office assistant or shop assistant. If you find yourself with some time in the evening once the kids are in bed, you could, for example, check local listings of receptionist jobs online, as chances are there will be something with hours that can work with your family’s schedule.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to earn some moneyand also do something you love. For example, if you have a passion for writing, photography or graphic design, these are three job ideas that you can actually find work in the freelancing world. The best part is, you can pick up as much freelance work as you want. The more experience you gain, the better and more work that will come your way. If the time should ever come when you may want to consider going back to work full time, freelancing can also help you keep your skills current and portfolio diverse.


3. Online Business

When it comes to making some extra money online, the possibilities vary. You could, for example, set up a structured business for Skype tutoring or choose a topic that you are passionate about such as travel, fashion or life-hacks being a mum and create a blog. Partnerships, sponsorships and simply building a client list can really take off on the Internet. Social media is also a free way to help you advertise your business. It is a major advantage for those who want to leverage some at home networking. Many people make use of the Etsy platform to sell their crafts and launch a small and home run business, while advertising via social media.

In the end, different things work for different families. Finding a balance between work and family can take time and patience. In the end, you have to do what is right not only for your family but also yourself.


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  1. Great tips for making some extra cash. I think freelancing is a good way to help get extra cash. It definitely helps when you need to work around little ones. X

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