8 month old baby

Eight month old baby observations

I don’t even know what to say. Am I really 8-months postpartum, and my little baby eight months old?

It’s all going too fast. I say it every time, and judging by the old women who accost me on the bus to tell me, “Cherish this time because it goes too fast,”  I will continue to say this every time. Forever. I just cannot believe it has been 8-months since I was pregnant.  Too fast…
1.  J is big – I need to get him weighed but the main thing I notice is how long he is – he is longer than babies older than him..
2. He is a human wrecking ball.  Now that J is mobile he rolls into everything in his way. He is constantly up to no good.
3. He has figured out that screaming, fussing and whining will get him attention.  I am trying not to respond as much, but he knows as long as he keeps it up and gets progressively louder someone will come running.
4. The child has a death grip. I have to make sure I do not push J within arms reach of anything when out shopping. If he grabs hold and I take it away, he makes such a huge scene you would think I was trying to kill or kidnap him.
5. He enjoys his food and is already showing food preferences – he isn’t a fan of broccoli, he has a very funny I don’t like broccoli face!.
6.  He is trying out all kinds of sounds, tones and pitches.  I LOVE hearing his little voice. I hate hearing him scream for fun.
7. He  is getting a lot better at sleeping but still wakes at night, normally for his dummy – some nights are worse than others and some nights he sleeps through yay!
8. The toy saga has already began, he wants all of E’s toys -currently Barbie dolls and her favourite ball in fact anything that isn’t his he makes a bee line for!
9.J is awesome.  I am so lucky.  If I was not a selfish human I would not have any complaints.  He is a wonderful blessing.  I love watching him grow and become a little boy.
8 month old baby

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1 thought on “Eight month old baby observations

  1. Aww he is such a cutie!! I can’t believe how fast time flies either, 8 months wow!

    Not long now and you’ll have to move everything up a few feet to stop him touching it, my eldest thought banging ornaments together was fun.. so dangerous >.<


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