Family holiday to Sicily

An Unforgettable Family Holiday in Sicily

Life can get a little crazy sometimes (particularly with kids!), so taking a break once in a while should be mandatory. However, picking the destination of a family holiday is not the easiest of tasks; especially when you have a number of people to please. Choosing a location that all of the family will enjoy can be slightly difficult, but not impossible. If you’re stuck for which country to choose, look no further that Sicily. visiting Sicily with your family will be unforgettable! It can be quite stressful, and may take a while to save the money to make it possible. But the more difficult to organise, the more you will appreciate the holiday once you’re there- relaxing, or having a great adventure. Here are some reasons why I’d recommend considering Sicily for your next family holiday.

1- You get your money’s worth

Italy is renowned for its great weather, cultural heritage, food, and overall lifestyle. What sets Sicily apart from the rest of the boot is that the island also makes economic sense. It’s cheap cost of living allows you to feel like a celebrity, many families choose to stay in a privately rented Sicily villa with a pool just for them (while spending less than your average hotel!). Villas are particularly ideal if you want to holiday with another family and split the costs. The mums and dads can relax by the pool with a good book whilst the kids splash as much as they like in their very own private swimming pool.

2- Glorious beaches

One of the most beautiful aspects to Sicily is the unbelievable array of beaches. With their crystal clear waters full of tropical fish, visiting the beach is a definite must. Snorkelling is also a possibility, and if you’re looking for a special kind of family beach day, swimming through what could be defined as an “underwater museum” will be a day for the books. You may find that the beach closest to your accommodation requires booking to use the sun-loungers and beach umbrellas- but this is simple to do and very cheap, and allows you all a little shade from the permanent sunshine.

Family holiday to Sicily

3- Incredible Food

Italy has a great passion for food, and Sicily offers nothing less than the mainland. In Sicily food ranges very widely. Whether it comes fresh from the sea, or out of a street food shop, you will not go hungry. With typical dishes being a Sicilian pride, a delicacy that you and the kids will love is the “cannolo”. Cannoli being a fried cone-shaped shell filled with a sweet vanilla ricotta cheese filling, and all topped with powdered sugar. Get this after dinner, for breakfast, or as you walk around- you and the family won’t get enough!

Family Holiday in Sicily

4- Full of Adventure

If there’s one thing you’ll find a lot of in Sicily, it is the call for adventure. From its two main volcanoes, mysterious inner lands, secret beaches and extensive ruins. The possibility of adventure in Sicily is infinite. Organizing your family holiday by including a fun adventure will allow the kids to feel like superheroes and grant you the possibility of taking a lot of memorable pictures; both of Sicily and the kids.

5- Experiencing History

With many different heritages present in Sicily, the island is a mix of different cultures. Seen both in the influence the heritages had on the architecture and on the food, Sicily is a true gem. You can simply walk around the cities and admire the culture around you, visit a couple of temples, castles and even climb up the volcanoes!


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