Fun on the beach – Photo Friday

Earlier in the week whilst the sun was shining and E had no preschool we ventured to the beach for the afternoon, armed with a blanket, picnic and sun cream we were ready for a couple of hours of fun on the beach.

We are very lucky to live so close to the beach, however it is very easy to take it for granted and not go down there as often as we can. I think you will agree we have had an amazing couple of weeks of sunshine, especially for April.. lets hope we get some more sunshine soon!

I took a few photos when we were down there, mostly of E playing in the sand but I thought I would share them with you.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday!

First thing in the morning, E was very excited about heading to the beach that day.

Excited in her minions top

Sandcastle building time

Sandcastle building

E decided because the sand was too dry where she was sat that she would try somewhere else..

sandcastle fun

When sandcastle building failed it was time to dig a hole!

sandcastle fun

And then put mummy’s feet in

feet in the sand

We decided to leave the beach and as E had been so good I treated her to a little go on a ride on the sea front which she really enjoyed.


No trip to the seaside is complete without an ice cream, E thought it was funny to have an ice lolly shaped as a foot and kept giggling about having a foot in her mouth.

Ice cream time

It really was a lovely day out, we really are lucky to live in a sea-side town.

Exmouth beach

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