Getting Festive With a Little Help From B&M

I’m like a child in a sweet shop at Christmas. I get really excited, I love the whole run up to Christmas, the shopping, the wrapping, but most importantly making the house look all Christmassy.

We haven’t put our decorations up yet, what will illness and finding time, it hasn’t happened yet. This weekend however the decorations are going up!

Since the children have come along we have always involved them with putting the decorations up. They have so much fun decorating the tree – I sometimes have to do a little altering after. As J is only just two I imagine his input wont be that productive. Last year he enjoyed touching the tree, a lot! Hence a lot of the decorations were higher up on the tree. Fingers crossed, things will be different this year.

I try to buy a few new Christmas decorations each year, replace some of the tatty ones. My aim is that one day I will actually have a colour scheme of sorts. This year we went and looked at B&M Stores Christmas Range. The items are extremely reasonably priced. I managed to get eight lovely items for under £20.

I love this wooden Christmas tree decoration.




The wooden Christmas tree adds a touch of shabby chic to my decorations this year. The tree not only lights up but has pretty cute dangling down wooden festive shapes. This is a bargain at £5.99. Everyone loves it.

These Luxury Baubles cost £2.49




Every time I see decorations in this Pale blue colour I am drawn to them. Eventually I would love my tree to be blue’s and silvers with a few of our other special glass and personalised baubles.  The baubles are so beautiful and intricate, hard to believe how cheap the price is.

I really love B&M’s Christmas range. I also added this sparkly light up present to my basket.




You can never have too much sparkle at Christmas. This lovely present is not only sparkly it also lights up. The perfect decoration to make my lounge look festive.

I am getting quite excited about putting all these decorations up this weekend. This Lovely Snowman has to be my most favourite item that I picked up.




I am not quite sure where its going to go yet, however what I do know is that its perfect! I really love it. What i was surprised is that is was only £1.99. Unbelievable and brilliant.

The next items in the basket are –




The very cute Christmas Kisses heart which only cost £1. It will be going in my kitchen. I also picked up some silver bead chain for £2.49. I haven’t used it before so thought would see what it looks like on my tree this year.

You have to love a bit of Tinsel at Christmas, this little pack was only £1, its nice and narrow. My six year old is already eyeing it up for her tree that goes in her room! The final item is these very festive Christmas tree decorations. I know they aren’t in keeping with my blue and silver ideal tree colours, but i couldn’t resits as they are lovely.

I really love the items i picked up from B&M, the items are really going to enhance current decorations.




If you looking for some new Christmas decorations, get yourself to B&M before it’s too late. You wont be disappointed.



Disclaimer:- We were given vouchers to purchase these items for the purpose of this post.

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