Back to School – Year Two

Here is the obligatory back to School post. I cant believe my little girl has started year two. It really doesn’t seem that long ago since she started reception.

We have had a great summer holidays, there have been a few cheeky moments from E, some boredom which I think is good for a child – gives them the chance to use their imagination. There have been a few day trips and then a trip to see family in Derby. So we have been quite busy.

I can frequently be heard saying that E has so many toys and yet she doesn’t play with anything. She has made me eat my words these last few weeks by playing with most of her toys. Her imagination has truly come alive.

I have had my moments of wishing she was going back to school, but now it’s actually here I wish she wasn’t going back for another week or so. I will miss her and J will miss her terribly. He has got so used to her being around and playing with her. I don’t think he will know what to do with himself.

As E moves into year two I think about all the exciting new challenges she will face, how she will make new friendships as well as the ones she already has. And the thought that she has Sats at the end of the year is quite sad. I think they are far to young for assessments like that. But in true E style I am sure she will take everything in the next year in her stride.

As I look through the start of year photos I have a little smile on my face. This top photo was when E started pre-school. She started on one afternoon a week when she was two and half – she needed to be around other children.

She was so tiny.

E’s reception year was such a learning curve for all of us. The start of her school journey.

Then we have the start of year one.

back to school

And here we are today. The photo on the first day of year two.

back to school

I am sure E will have a great day and will come home full of excitement and telling me all about her day. I am expecting her to be tired by the end of the week, or even the end of the day. She has been used to chilling out and taking things easy over the school summer holidays.


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  1. September 6, 2017 / 4:49 pm

    My little boy starts year two tomorrow and I am both delighted that he is going back as he is ready for the change and the focus but it will be a very quiet house without him! I love all the pictures looking back at your little one, she has grown loads and I hope you all have a wonderful year…they are getting soo big!xx
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  2. September 6, 2017 / 7:30 pm

    The kids going back to school is bittersweet, isn’t it? You crave a bit of time without them during the holidays and then miss them like crazy as soon as they go back!

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