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Hape’s George Luck Artic Animals Puzzle Review

E has always loved puzzles, she will spend ages doing them. Hape’s Artic Animals  is a puzzle with a difference. It’s a wooden puzzle with two different layers, both full of vibrant colours and arctic animals.

I think wooden toys are often the best kind, it is charming, classical and very well made. It would make a perfect gift for children that love doing puzzles.

Artic AnimalsThe puzzle displays a winter wonderland scene of sea, ice, polar bears and sea creatures. It comes in simple packaging which has a picture on the back so you can discover where the pieces should go. As the puzzle has two layers it makes it more interesting and challenging to do.

Artic animals

The Arctic animal puzzle is made from large pieces and recognisable shapes, this beautiful two-layered wooden puzzle encourages fine motor skills, memory, hand to eye co-ordination, dexterity and shape recognition.  The bright colours and stunning pictures encourage colour recognition and vocabulary building.

I thought E would finish the puzzle really quickly, however all the different pieces are intricate and different sizes which made it a little more complicated. As it has two layers it takes a little longer than normal puzzles. We emptied all the pieces onto the table and E went for it.

At first she looked at the picture on the back of the packaging the puzzle came in to get a general idea of what she had to do. After that she sat there and figured it out. You could see the look of concentration on her face.

Artic AnimalsThe Verdict

The George Luck Artic Animals is a great puzzle. E said she found the bottom layer easier than the top. What I really like is because of the two layers it requires more concentration and takes longer to do. The puzzle is an interesting and fun puzzle to make and when completed it is lovely to look at.

This is a puzzle that E keeps going back to and enjoys making. It looks easy to make but can be a little complicated as I found when I made it. E is obviously better at puzzles than me as it took me longer to do than her!

The puzzle is suitable for age 5+ and is available to buy from Debenhams and costs £13. This puzzle is well worth the money and would make a great gift.

Disclosure – We were sent the puzzle in exchange for this review. All photos and opinions are my own

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8 thoughts on “Hape’s George Luck Artic Animals Puzzle Review

  1. I’ve never seen a two layer puzzle like this before. Such a good idea to have 2 levels of difficulty to get them thinking about how it goes together. Wooden toys are always a favourite of mine, they last longer and just generally look nice too x

  2. I do love wooden toys I always think they are more likely to stand the test of time. They are much nicer to look at as well. I really like this puzzle, the quality looks great and the picture is very cute. It would make a great Christmas present! x

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