I’m 40 Today!

Forty years ago today at 10.42 am a wonderful woman gave birth to quite a cute baby. They named her Lynsey! It’s official I’m forty today – where has the time gone?




I have never been a fan of my birthday, it’s not an age thing. It is purely because it’s so close to Christmas and New Year. By the time everyone has finished with Christmas and New Years eve celebrations nobody can afford anything, or want to do anything. As a child it made no difference but as an adult it sucks a little bit.

Forty however seems a little bit more of a big deal. All of the sudden I feel old! When I was a kid, 40 seemed so old. Middle aged.  The age of spinster school teachers and doctors. When I was 20, 40 was my whole lifetime away. When I was 30, 40 seemed like an age where I would have my life put together. However, today I am forty and I still don’t have my life figured out.

I have to admit I have done quite a lot in my first 40 years. I’ve lived abroad, travelled to a few different countries, I have earned a HND and a degree, got married,  had two children. And in between all of that I have made a lot of mistakes. When you roll all of my life experiences together I think I have learned a few lessons.

I will share some a few photos from my first 40. I asked my mum to email me a few photos as a little girl, she opted for funny ones, some are a little cringy. Despite that I will share some.




I was born in Weston Super Mare, when I was one we moved to Gibralter and we returned to England when I was four. I don’t remember a lot from that age. During those years I saw apes, one of which stole my orange juice! I’ve seen snakes, praying mantis and cockroaches. I do love listening to my parents tell me about Gibralter.


forty today

I love this one. Looking very stroppy. A look I have seen from my own children. Here is another one taken in Gibralter.


40th Birthday


These are great, I think both me and my brother look cute. These are also taken whilst we lived in Gibralter.


40th Birthday

There really are so many photos I can share with you from different parts of my life, but I don’t wish to bore you.

Here are a few collages that relate to different parts of my life. Here are a few from my youth. As my dad was in the RAF we moved around a few times. The top right photo was when we lived in Doncaster and the other two are taken in Cornwall. We moved there when I was ten or eleven. That’s where my parents still live.



I have to cringe at some of the clothes I wore but I am sure at the time it was the ‘in’ thing to wear.

After going through GCSE’s and A-levels I went to University – 3 times! The photo on the left was taken in Bedford whilst I was at DE Montfort University. The bottom right was taken with my great friend Lizzie on the Isle of Wight. Top right is me and M at Bournemouth University. M and I met just before I went to Bournemouth Uni.


40th Birthday

I loved my years at University. I learnt a lot, had some fun, made plenty of mistakes and made some great friends. It’s a great start to life.

Here are a few more photos from University.

40th Birthday

Whilst at University I stumbled into the entertainment industry. During the summer holidays I worked on holiday parks as an entertainer. Think children’s entertainment, dancing and one season I was a magicians assistant. Those were great years of my life that I look back at fondly.



During my first summer season I met a cabaret artist who owns a pantomime company. From that winter I worked in Pantomime every year for three years. I worked as a DSM deputy stage manager. i had a lot of fun and met some very interesting people, some of whom i am still friends with.

During my 40 years i have travelled to a lot of places. I have back packed around Bali twice, travelled to the Caribbean, Kenya, various places with in Europe and Egypt twice.

40th Birthday

I also worked on a cruise ship when i was in my early twenties. My time on the ship was great, however short lived as the company went into administration.

These photos are also from my travels. The one on the left was taken whilst on a cruise on the Nile. This was our honeymoon. Top right is taken in Budapest and the bottom one is somewhere in a tent! I do love camping, we have yet to go with the children.

40th Birthday

I hope to travel to more places again in the future.

Time moved on, i got married, had some more fun. Had two children and now we are having a whole different adventure with two children.

40th birthday


Its been a good 40 years and this really is just a glimpse. If anything looking through all these photos has been a little cathartic. Turning forty is a big deal, but at least I can say its been 40 years of variety and that I have learnt a lot.

I’ve learned there are people in this world I would die for, and kill for, without a moment’s hesitation.  But I’ve also learned that there are people in this world who despite my best efforts aren’t meant to be a part of my life, and that’s ok.

Most importantly though, I’ve learned that I’m not done.  I’m not finished evolving into the person I’m meant to be.  I’ve learned that I don’t have it all figured out and that it’s a pretty exciting journey I’m on, if I just let it be.

I have no idea what I will be doing on my birthday, But what i do know is that it doesn’t matter what we do as being with family is one of the best things at this stage in my life.



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