July Favourites 2018

Welcome to my July favourites post. What am amazing July it has been, especially with all the nice hot sunshine. During July I discovered some great new products. They have become things I just can’t get enough of.

July Favourite'sI’m going to share with you my fab July finds.


Olivia Tan Leopard Butterfly Twists

July Favourites

I am very much a flip-flop lover when the sun shines. No matter what I am wearing flip-flops are part of the outfit. This month I discovered Butterfly twists and I love them. I have never really got on with ballet flats before, they always seem to slip off. Personally I put it down to my high arches, so I was pleased when I put these on that they fit so well. I did a little crazy run around the house to see if they were going to slip off but thankfully they don’t. Hallelujah!  I have finally found an awesome pair of ballet flats that fit. What is pretty neat too is that they fold up. Butterfly twists have a folding twist technology so the shoes fold up really small. I love this as they store really easily and are perfect for putting in your handbag. A great transition from flip-flops to something cute to put on when I want to go out somewhere nice. These are without a doubt the most comfiest ballet flats I have ever tried on.


Flamingo Mug

June Favourites

How cool is this mug? Out of all the mugs I own, this is my firm favourite. I love the chevron styling and that the handle is a flamingo’s head. Makes my hot drink a little bit more glamorous. My seven-year old thinks its pretty amazing and want’s to use it. The blogger part of me will also say it looks pretty good when used as part of an Instagram photo. This mug was gifted to me from Prezzybox so if you want your own brilliant flamingo mug pop along to the website. It really is amazing and really well made.


Why Mummy Drinks by Gill Sims

July Favourites

This is a brilliant novel that I couldn’t put down. The book is about a mum called Ellen who like most mum’s strives to be the perfect parent. Ellen has two children,  Peter and Jane who get up to all sorts. They like starting fires, trying to kill each other and driving Mummy to drink. This is one of the funniest books I have read for ages. Every page genuinely raises at least a smile if not a spluttering laugh. The story is one I can relate to, especially having two young children. There are points where I felt I felt this book was written about my life. It is a real life, down to earth story and I totally recommend it.


Scrabble Lights

July favourites

I absolutely love my new scrabble lights. I am a self-confessed gadget lover and word geek, hence why I love them. In the box you get ten blank tiles and 60 reusable transparent letter stickers and an adapter. I have possibly had too much fun changing the tiles to say different things. I finally get to see my name up in lights. These are fun and quirky and look great in any room. You can pick up a set of these lights from Prezzybox.


Fruitypot Jelly Squeeze

These brilliant resealable pouches have been great help in July. Especially since the school holidays started. The pouches are so easy to take out and about and are perfect healthy snack. Each pouch contains a tasty hydrating jelly that is made with real fruit juice and has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. They are also gluten and dairy free. My eldest particularly likes these, she thinks they are really tasty and I think the squeeze pouches are a real novelty for her. They are so easy to just throw in my bag ready for the I’m hungry or I’m thirsty words. You can buy the Jelly Squeeze pouches from Asda and other stores.


Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies.


July Favourites


I am loving the weather at the moment, July has been amazing. However with the hot weather the kids have been wanting more cold treat’s. These Paw Patrol Ice Cream lolly’s are wonderful. Little paw shapes that are chocolate and vanilla flavour. What more can any child want. We have watched paw patrol a fair bit in this house and my two-year old knows who all the characters are. Both the kids went crazy for the ice cream paw print lollies and they are rather tasty. Made using only natural flavourings, the new Paw Patrol Ice Cream Lollies are also free from artificial colours and preservatives, making them a guilt free treat. The only upset we have had is that they have all been eaten. I will be stocking up the freezer all summer long with these tasty lollies. Paw Patrol Lollies, 6 pack, available from Asda, Tesco, Iceland, Farmfoods and Co-op (RRP £2.00).


Peg Board

July Favourites


As a blogger, I have wanted a  peg board for quite a while. it’s just another fab little gadget that I love to use and some times make an appearance on my blog or Instagram. The peg board comes with 350 letters, numbers and symbols. It  is easy to hang to the wall if you wanted to put it up in a place where everyone can use it. I’ve been playing with it a lot during July. My husband just thinks I’m funny, what with my light box, scrabble lights and now my peg board. I do love fun things like this.


I hope you have enjoyed discovering my favourite things for July, especially If you have discovered new products. I’m now off to munch on a paw patrol ice lolly and update my peg board!  I hope you all have a great August.

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  1. Nik
    August 7, 2018 / 7:59 pm

    I want those shoes!! I live in ballet pumps and these are lovely x

  2. August 8, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    Eeeek I love that flamingo mug! I want it!! Those letter lights are super cool too! Love love love your July favourites!

  3. August 19, 2018 / 6:57 pm

    Oh we have similar tastes. I love the flamingo mug and the scrabble lights are pretty awesome x

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