July in a Nutshell

The days fly by and before you realise it we are into another month. July was a busy month yet very enjoyable.

At the start of the month we had a family wedding to go to. It really was a lovely wedding, E was a flower girl and J looked super smart. We even managed to get some child free time. This never happens, it was strange and enjoyable. There was lots of catching up with family, eating good food and drinking far too much! JuneI may be biased but they both look handsome/beautiful in these photos.

On the 6th July I was invited to a blogger event at Ocean in Exmouth. It’s an amazing place. The soft play is huge. J loved running around, It tired me out! I will write more about Ocean soon – including the pizza and Prosecco lunch..

Here are a few photos of J enjoying running around the soft play.

July in a NutshellE had a birthday party a few days later and she decided she was going to wear her flower girl dress. She looked beautiful. I love this photo I took of her before she went.


The end of the school year was looming closer, which I was excited about as it meant a break from the school morning rush and some time with E. The school held its summer Fayre and it was thankfully the weather was dry. They had made it all a sea side theme. Think Punch and Judy, ice cream, stalls and you get the general idea. It was a lot of fun for the kids. I only managed to get a couple of photos that don’t include lots of other peoples children.

JuneA bit of fun in the fire engine. J was so excited about being inside. It was then time for ice cream before the Punch and Judy show. All the kids enjoyed watching it and laughed a lot.

At the middle of the month I went to Mess Fest where my husband works. My mother in law came along too. It was a great day. I spent the day drinking Prosecco, eating sweets and bbq food. The kids also had a great time. They spent a lot of the time on the bouncy castle which was luckily close to where we were sitting. There was face painting and a sweet bar where the kids could help themselves to sweets and soft drinks. Emily was in her element. I took a lot of photos – as normal. I’m just going to share a few with you.. after all this is July in a nutshell.

I will start with the cute ones – that’s obviously the children. They loved the bouncy castle.


E loved having her face painted and being able to run around all day. She had a bit of a giggle where they had a sort of photo booth set up.

As the day went on, more alcohol was consumed – its funny how you don’t feel drunk when you drink during the daytime. Everyone had such a great time.

JulyI did have a giggle when I looked back at the photos. Emily loved the photo booth and kept wanting us to take photos. The bottom right corner photo of myself is a reflection of me drinking far too much prosecco! I paid for it the next day.

Since E has broken up from school we have been keeping busy, frequent trips to the park and the library. We even took a trip to Darts farm which isn’t too far from here. We went with some friends. The kids went sunflower picking which they seemed to enjoy.

June in a nutshellThe flat dude that E has with her is Flat Stanley, its part of her school holiday homework. We have to take him on adventures and write about it.

As the month came to a close I had another event to attend, Princesshay shopping centre in Exeter hosted had a V.I.P Eats party. There was lots of cocktails, food sampling, cookery demonstrations and some entertainment. It was a great event. I saw a couple of other bloggers and had a lovely evening.

July in a nutshell

That’s sums up my July in a nutshell, a bigger than planned nutshell.

I am now looking forward to August, more family time and hopefully some fun!






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