Looking Forward To Some Summer Sun

Winter is just a few days away and I am already dreaming wistfully of warm sunshine and sandy beaches.  I’m not a fan of the cold weather, if we had some snow then I might enjoy it more. However we have had no snow and I doubt we will get any in Devon.

I know It’s not even Christmas yet and I’m already talking about next year’s summer holidays. But it’s certainly worth thinking about now, plus, we’re all going to need something to look forward to after Christmas and New Year, aren’t we?

After Christmas all the sales will start, everyone will have a sale on, Including Holiday Companies. This year I will be taking a look to see if there are any good deals on holidays abroad.


Going on summer holidays always creates such fun, excitement  and most definitely gives us all something to look forward too. We haven’t been abroad with the children before so I will be looking at destinations that aren’t long haul. Based on that I will be look at destinations such as  Spain, Portugal, Lanzarote, Majorca, Canary Islands and the Greek Islands.

Another important thing I will be looking for is hotels that have children’s entertainment. Booking a holiday with nothing for the children to do could lead to a holiday from hell. A week of I’m bored would not be relaxing. Many companies offer Child free places, if we can find a holiday with this offer included then I will be more than happy.

Whilst I am sat here in a thick jumper with the heating on, the prospect of a summer holiday really appeals. Sitting by a pool in the sunshine, sipping a cocktail or too. It sound bliss!

Something else I will enjoy is buying clothes for a holiday, I know we probably wont need much. Something nice for the evenings and swimwear during the day.

Buying swimwear is always tricky for me, since I have had the children and have a caesarean scar I like to either wear a tankini or swimsuit. Finding one that is pretty, supportive and looks nice is always harder than I anticipate.

I quite like this Tankini which is available from a range of ladies swimwear on a website.



I think it is really pretty and it looks very flattering. Comfortable and practical swimwear is important for me, especially if I am also running around after the children. This Tankini definitely ticks all the boxes in what I look for in swimwear.

As soon as or if I manage to book a summer holiday abroad this year I imagine i will become list lady! Planning ahead will help make things less stressful closer to the time. Considering what the area is like, items to pack, ways to entertain the children at the airport and on the aeroplane.

I know travelling abroad wont be the same as it used to be before we had children, possibly not as relaxing. However I can only imagine it will be fun and enjoyable in a whole different way. At the end of the day as long I am soaking up the sun, I am guaranteed to be happy.

Role on the summer sunshine, where a thick jumper wont be seen in sight!

Have you got a holiday booked for next year or are you planning on one? If so where are you heading and is there anywhere you can recommend?



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