Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a great time whoever you were with and however you were celebrating.

December has been a bit crazy here and now it seems like a bit of a blur. We have been busy with children’s Christmas parties, a wedding, adult Christmas social events, sickness a nativity and a sail with Santa cruise. All the Christmas shopping had to squeeze in around it all.

It is only now after Boxing day that I sit down, look back It all and breathe. The only visual reminder of it all is the pile of toys under the window in our Lounge waiting to find a home in our choc a block house.

Despite being so busy I can safely say that we have all had a good time and the icing on the cake was seeing E’s face on Christmas Day.  I know it’s all a bit of a cliché but the highlight of the day was definitely the look on her face when she came downstairs on Christmas morning.

Due to all the mayhem I haven’t had the time to blog much, I had taken so many photos for blog posts I never had the chance to write, from putting up the Christmas tree to all the different Christmas parties. So here are a few photos that summarise our December so far.

Putting up the Christmas tree. E absolutely loved putting the tree up and the night before I made the mistake of telling her we would be putting it up tomorrow. E didn’t sleep much that night and to make things worse I had gone out with a few of the woman I met at ante natal for a Christmas meal and all E did was ask for me to come home. When I finally got home she fell asleep but was awake early with excitement for putting the tree up!

Putting up the christmas tree

Due to my husband’s job E got the opportunity to go to a couple of children’s Christmas parties, his job is far from family friendly but it is always nice that at Christmas they put on a party for all the children.

The first party was at the end of November, really early for a Christmas party but E didn’t care, she enjoyed dressing up in her sparkly shorts and Christmas jumper and having some fun. The other party she went to was mid December. Both parties were fun for children, entertainers, face painting, soft play and of course getting to visit Father Christmas.

Christmas partys

E had a great party at both of the parties, if it wasn’t for different face paintings you would mistake it for the same party, E absolutely loved wearing her Christmas jumper.

I have so many photos to go through its crazy so I am going to put my feet up, munch on some chocolate- after all its Christmas and have a look through them all. Once I have I will share some more with you.





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