Mother day

Mother’s Day – Just Another Day

This year, Mother’s Day was….underwhelming.

There, I said it.

It sucked mainly because M worked. So there was no sleeping in, breakfast in bed or general putting up of the feet.

As M wasn’t here, E rose to the occasion which resulted in her making me breakfast – well putting pop tarts in the toaster. She then attempted to make me some lunch, all very cute. I was presented with a crisp sandwich. And the best part was when I cooked dinner tonight. Awesome. It’s so nice to eat a meal that you haven’t prepared yourself. oops! I did prepare and cook it.

Mother day

My present was awesome, I was presented with a chocolate orange. Now I am not one for sounding ungrateful.. but a flaming chocolate orange which E chose because she likes them. I like her thinking, smart girl. I’m not a materialistic kind of girl but a bottle of wine wouldn’t have gone a miss. You know I could be sat here drowning my sorrows from my very underwhelming and uneventful day.

On Friday, E came home from school with a little something for Mother’s Day, too. She had lovingly made me a card I totally love it. The home made cards are the best.

The reality is, mothers day is commercial. It really is the case of same shit different day. Unless you have a perfect life which is full of perfect photos and you haven’t had to lift a finger all day. I sound very cynical and that could be because my day has been pretty rubbish. Life goes on.

Today I  have dealt with a whingeing one year old, a demanding five year. I spent my day doing washing, cooking, cleaning, ironing but at least I was spending it with my children. However horrible they have been.

I didn’t even get to see my own mum, I imagine her day was as uneventful as mine.. I brought her a lovely scarf and sent a wonderful card – I love my mum.

So as you can see today was..  Yeah. Underwhelming.

I will leave you with a little conversation that E and I shared today which I believe is as good a reflection of motherhood as any.

E: I love Penguins

Me: I love how tasty they are

E: You can’t eat penguins

Me: Oh yes you can, they are all chocolatey on the inside.

E: *Looking confused*

Me: I used to eat them when I was little

E: Can we go to Antarctica today

Me: (Shakes head) why?

E: Because I want to go and see the penguins

Me: It’s a bit far away

E: Oh. Can we eat your chocolate orange instead!

Me: oh! Alright.

Oh and high five to all the single mum’s out there.. I totally know how mothers day can be just another day. The sort when you don’t get five minuets peace to yourself.

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