My Daughter Speaks Languages I Don’t Understand…

The last few days on a few occasions I have turned to E and had to ask what she is saying’
“Mummy can’t understand the words you are saying. Please Speak English.”

“Is that Spanish? What are you saying?

Yes is seems that E speaks Russian, Spanish and other languages! Not very well of course, but she has started pointing at things and then will say the foreign word for them… at least I think that’s what it is? It’s so incredibly annoying I can’t begin to tell you. She has picked it up watching Russian nursery rhymes on YouTube. Yes, I’m totally going to claim an epic parenting fail on this one.

It all started when I showed her nursery rhymes on you tube, she would ask for one and then after its finished it shows other suggestions and she clicks on them and listens to them.

Let me just tell you, nothing is more ridiculous than not understanding the words that are coming out of your three year olds mouth. What’s worse. I’m fairly certain she makes of half of it up , so technically, no one would understand the words coming out of her mouth.

She has also started singing a German nursery rhyme.  The sounds are so pronounced there’s no question that its a different language.

Dora the Explorer has a lot to answer too as well, E will sit there shouting out words in Spanish to Dora and Boots and repeating what they say.

The Spanish part I guess is OK, seeing as one of her granddad live in Spain, but Russian words I can’t see us having any use for in the imminent future.
I feel like I’m at a crossroads. It’s great that E is showing an interest in foreign languages, even thought I am not sure she realises that it is a different language but when she is picking up words that I don’t understand it is making things difficult.  But I also think it is great at how easily she seems to pick up foreign languages.

Lets hope her interest develops more so when she is older in the mean time I guess I am going to try to encourage her to watch more English nursery rhymes or sit with her and try to learn what she is saying or singing about!

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