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My Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shells Review

My Mermaid Lagoon Charm shells are a new collectable in the My Mermaid Lagoon range from Interplay. They a pretty cute and almost pocket-size


Mermaind Lagoon Charm shell

The Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shells are the home of a lovely mermaid. Each mermaid lagoon charm shell comes with a key to open the shell. Also included is a sea creature charm, beads and elastic so children can make their own charm bracelet.


Mermaid Charm Shell

There are three mermaids to collect Calypso, Serena and Storm. We were sent Storm and E fell in love with her straight away, Storm has a shiny purple tail and her hair is in two plaits.

E couldn’t wait to make the charm bracelet. It was easy enough to make.

Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shell

There is a Sea Lion charm to put on the bracelet,  you also put the key on the bracelet. E was happy making the bracelet alone, the only help she needed was the elastic together so it fit on her wrist.

Maermaid Lagoon charm Shells

Our Thoughts

We love that the shell is pocket-sized, I think E will take it with her when we go out places. E loves the locking mechanism of the shell and that the key links onto the bracelet so she is less likely to lose it.

The shell is sturdy and the bracelet is a lovely touch. The Mermaid Lagoon shell is from age 4 plus, E is six and I think that is the perfect age as she was able to do everything alone. She is the age that she loves all things that are collectable. This one takes pride of place on the top of her book place. Compared to all the other things she has collected she plays with this more.

I know she has already got her eyes on the other ones. As far as collectables go they are a little pricey at £9.99, however seeing how much she loves it I think it is worth it. With her birthday coming up in May she might be lucky to find one of the Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shells wrapped up from the birthday fairy!

You can purchase them in most good shops and you can also buy them direct from the Interplay website.


Disclaimer – We were sent the My Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shell to review – all words and opinions are our own.


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6 thoughts on “My Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shells Review

  1. My kids got something like this on hols last year and absolutely LOVED them. They carried them around for the entire trip. They’re still going strong too!

  2. Now that is cool, I hate things that might only get used the once and thrown but the fact you can make a charm bracelet is superb. I know my girls would have loved taking the mermaid in her shell in the bath with them too. Mich x

  3. I like the different take on this as a collectible. The fact that you can make your own bracelet etc. I know several litter ladies that would love this. Perfect Birthday Party price too, Monkey has some coming up so will definitely keep in mind for that. X

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