My Ultimate Spa Day

Before you think this post is about me having an amazing Spa Day, alas it is not!

I am 39 and I have never been on a spa day, god that sounds like a confession! This is something that I would love to change. However, being a full time stay at home mummy I can’t see that happening any time soon.

It has to be said I do like to day dream, especially when the children are driving me crazy. Whether its thinking of somewhere sunny or just having a few hours to myself having a nice relaxing massage. These little pleasant thoughts are normally interrupted by a tugging on my sleeve being asked for something.

When I imagine what my perfect spa day would be like. I conjure up thoughts of a nice country hotel, with not a child to be heard.

On arrival I would be greeted with a lovely glass of prosecco. I can almost taste the bubbles.

My ultimate spa day

After that I would be taken off to the treatment rooms for a hot stone massage, I have been told they are amazing and truly relaxing. Just what this mummy needs. Once I am totally relaxed, just like the days pre child. I would then indulge in other wonderful treatments.

I like the idea of a nice relaxing facial. The likes of Enya playing in the back ground and lovely scented candles burning. The facial would disperse even more tension, If only with some of the wrinkles or should I say laughter lines taken away.

After a little pampering it would be time for some lunch, sat in my white fluffy robe I would indulge in some tea and cake. This mummy likes cake. The idea of looking out of the window, taking in the view and eating cake, in my world sounds great.

After that its off for more pampering. I would seriously be making the most of the day if it was ever to happen. I head of to have a body polish. From what I have heard this is similar to a facial but all over the body. This would exfoliate and leave my body fresh and smooth.

Having being pampered its off to check out the facilities. A little swim in the pool and then off to the sauna. Of course there would be some hunky man in there too. After all a bit of eye candy makes the day a little more enjoyable. I would then get dressed and then head back up the restaurant / bar area and have a drink. I would opt for another glass of fizz as the green smoothies wouldn’t appeal.

This is such a lovely day dream of my ultimate spa day.. And oh here we go, I am tugged on the arm, bringing me back to reality with a bump. This time it’s a request to play pop up pirate!

So until I get the luxury of a spa day I think I will pop over and look at the wholesale beauty products from Ellisons. That way every day, well night can be a spa evening.


Disclaimer : – This is post is a collaboration with Ellsons

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