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New Rides Preview Event at Peppa Pig World, Paultons Park.

We love going to theme parks, however it is a rare occurrence due to our location. When we received a lovely Royal Invitation to the Peppa Pig Preview Event for two new rides, I just knew the kids would love it.

We have been to Peppa Pig world a few years ago, so I was excited to see the new expansion. Peppa Pig world is set in a four acre site with in the site of Paultons park. The two new rides are a brilliant addition to the park.

J is a big fan of Peppa Pig so this was an amazing experience for him, it brought everything to life for him. Especially getting to meet all the characters.

Peppa PigThe two new rides that are in new area of Peppa Pig world are The Queens Flying Coach Ride and Grampy Rabbits Sailing club. They are both brilliant.


Grampy Rabbits Sailing Club

A brilliant boat ride with individual boats that go round a little river to discover pirate Island. This ride proved popular because we have a sounds book of the story of pirate island. Meaning both the children were familiar with it.

Peppa Pig


During the ride you go past a picnic, different characters and of course pirate island. The story is also told with the voices from peppa pig and characters. In my eyes, its the little things like this that bring Peppa Pig to life.


Peppa Pig

The children were very excited after the ride, before we ventured over to the other ride we had a little wonder. Saw a few more characters. George pig took E’s hat of her head and put it on his ear. As you can imagine the children found this very funny.

We decided to enjoy a drink and one of the complimentary cakes offered at the event whilst catching up with another blogger friend. The children loved the cakes. yummy pink iced cakes with different characters of Peppa Pig on top of them.

Peppa PigAll of the children loved the cakes. E liked them so much she is now asking me to make some! She may be disappointed if they don’t taste as good! The children were desperate to test out the other next ride, so after finishing our drinks and cakes we walked over to it.


The Queens Flying Coach Ride

This very ‘royal’ ride is a monorail that travels around the new area and has fantastic views across Peppa Pig World. The Queens castle stands at an impressive ten metres and is the focal point of the new area. The ride is made up of individual coaches. As the coach goes round a story about Peppa visiting the Queen story is told.

Peppa Pig Wold

The view from the ride is amazing and the kids loved seeing everything as well as listening to Peppa and The Queen talking.

Peppa Pig

We all really enjoyed the ride and went on it a couple of times.

What is great about the Queens castle is that Grampy Rabbits sailing boat ride goes round the bottom of the castle, it reminds me of a castles moat! Fantastically designed. There is a new food outlet situated in the castle called The Queens kitchen which sells an assortment of food and treats.

Alot lot of new characters have now been introduced in to Peppa Pig World. There is Gerald Giraffe, Mr Bull, the characters on pirate island and The Queen and Peppa jumping in muddy puddles.

Also with in the new area is a dedicated baby care centre. This has several changing mats and cubicles for feeding babies. There are also toilets situated nearby.

Having checked out the new rides, which by the way are awesome. We decided to have some fun in the rest of Peppa pig world.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig World now has nine rides making it the perfect place for any Peppa Pig fan.

Check out the little video below to show you more about our day at Peppa Pig world and the new rides.




Disclaimer – We were sent a Royal Invitation to the Preview Day. All opinions and words are our own.

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18 thoughts on “New Rides Preview Event at Peppa Pig World, Paultons Park.

  1. Looks like you had a heat time 🙂 love how colourful it is! Can see the queens coach being a popular one 🙂

  2. PEPPA PIG WORLD look like a fun place to explore with children. I love the mascot or the pink pig character in the theme park. The queens flying coach ride look cool if view the scenery from the top I guess.

  3. This place looks awesome to take the kids. I’ve really been wanting to take the kids to a theme park because we didn’t get to go to many as kids and this seems like the perfect place.

  4. Sooo cute! I love Peppa Pig and would love to visit Paulton’s Park! The Queens Coach Ride looks like so much fun! It looks like you and your family had an amazing day!

  5. Peppa Pig world looks like a fantastic place for a family day out. I bet kids of all ages would really love to visit here. It looks like you had such a lovely day.

  6. I never knew this existed! My younger daughter has been a big Peppa fan and she’s going to be outgrowing that stage very soon! I so need to get her here ASAP!

  7. So many places that are absolutely wonderful for children. Will take your into recommendation as soon as I have children 🙂

  8. Aww what a super fun time!! My little boy would absolutely love to visit here someday!!!! He loves watching the show!

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the show Peppa Pig. It must be a newer show that came out a while after my girls were born. Amazement park rides that also have characters is such a fun family experience. And I’m sure any kid would be thrilled to visit.

  10. I am sure this is a fun and memorable day to you and your kids. Sometimes I get to wonder, how peppa pig became so popular and loved by many. Hehehe just my thoughts.

  11. Looks like great fun for the little ones (and the grown ups too!) and a must for Peppa Pig fans!

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