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Whilst I love a girlie day out shopping, I’m often left frustrated moving from one shop to another trying to find the item that I’m looking for, in my size.  It’s no wonder that in the vast majority of cases, I turn to online shopping.  It’s so much easier for me, as I can see all of the different pieces available with ease, by browsing and searching the web and I can compare prices right then and there.  Delivery is often free or at least far cheaper than a bus, train ticket or parking.

The beauty of online shopping is that you can try items on in the comfort of your own home. The changing room fluorescent lights in shops are not always that flattering.

Online shopping

Catalogue shopping has become more popular over the years and I can see why.

I shop online at so many different websites including websites that are online catalogues. Catalogue shopping is a firm favourite as usually they’ll give you a credit limit that you can spend up to.  I don’t like to pay interest on items or spread the cost but the option is often there for those that want to use that facility.  However I do like having a credit facility.  Having that facility means that I can order lots of items in different sizes. Try them all on a home, send the ones back that don’t fit or that I don’t like and then only pay for the items that I keep. Saves paying up front for items I might not keep.

This is also great when it comes to shopping for the children. Particularly my youngest as there is no way you could get him to try something on in the shop.

Here are a few catalogues that are great for shopping for both adults and children.

La Redoute

This is a great online catalogue that I have used quite a few times. Not only for me but also the children. They also have a sister site La vertbaudet that just specialises in children’s clothing. La Redoute always has some amazing offers, my recent purchase from there were my converse that were in the sale. When I was working, pre children I used to buy a lot of my shirts on there. I struggle with my size on the high street so this is one of the websites I go to as I know they will have items in my size.

JD Williams

Another online catalogue that I have used in the past. What I like about JD Williams is that if you order before 10pm, then your order will arrive the next day. Perfect for some last minuet shopping. Last summer I bought some lovely, very comfy sandals from the website. Recently I have seen quite a few offers floating around for advent calendars from the website. They sell so many different things and is definitely a catalogue to check out.


Studio isn’t really a fashion catalogue, they do sell fashion item which are normally really cheap. I love all the personalised items you can get in studio. Great gifts at affordable prices. When ever the catalogue comes through the door and I quite frequently end up ordering. During the festive period they have an amazing selection of Christmas related items. The catalogue is a firm favourite in this house.

There are so many different online catalogues available. Whether shopping for new fashion styles, low prices, or simply looking for more selection, these are a few of the top merchants to consider online. For a full comprehensive list of UK catalogues, check out They have dozens of reviews and guides on the most popular catalogues for what you are buying.


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