Our Trip To London – Day One

Just before the Easter weekend E and I went to London. I know this was a little while ago now. However, E keep’s talking about all the fun she had so I thought I would share some of our adventures. Most of it is photos and as we did so much I have decided to write three posts, hopefully you wont get too bored. No yawning!

Our trip to London

We travelled up to London on a Tuesday, arriving in London at midday at Paddingt0n, I had already pre booked tickets for the London eye so we headed straight there. Having lived in London and visited many a time, I was quite apprehensive about taking E. The first thing I was worried about was the underground. Not the actual train but the escalaters.  Seriously, have you seen how steep they are? Some of them resemble small ski slopes. I always get a bit worried stepping onto them. E however just walked onto them with not a care in the world. She loved the underground.

The London Eye

We made it over to the London Eye in time for our booking. I was expecting to queue for a really long time, however ten minuets later we were on the eye. E absolutely loved it. There is plenty of space in a capsule so there is lots of window space to see the scenery. The whole rotation was around half an hour.

Here are a few photos.

Our Trip To LondonWe were lucky that it was such a sunny day, you could see for miles. The London eye is definitely worth going on if you ever go to London. Tickets are cheaper when booked online or you can use your Tesco clubcard points, like we did.

It was such an incredibly hot day when we arrived in London. As we were walking to the London eye I noticed the Jubilee Gardens. Who would have thought in central London there would be a lovely grassy open area and play area for the children. I bought E an ice cream and we sat in the sun relaxing.

Our Trip To LondonAfter having a wander around Westminster, we decided to head over to Shepherds Bush where our hotel was based. I had no idea where it was so I  thought we had better attempt to find it.

I had booked us into the Hilton London Kensington and thankfully it was really easy to find from Shepherds Bush Tube Station. Well with a little help from google maps! Now let me tell you about my google maps saga! I put in the postcode and it was taking us a ridiculously long way round. Until I noticed I had it on directions by car! How stupid did I feel when I discovered that. Once I changed the settings to walking we found that the hotel was just a five minuet walk from the tube station.

The hotel is absolutely lovely. I was a little worried after I had booked it as a lot of the reviews were negative. All I can say is don’t always believe everything you read. The hotel was wonderful. Both E and I thought it was great when we went into the room to find this.

Our Trip to London

After we had checked in we ventured out to find something to eat. We found a Bills near the Westfield centre and opted to eat there. I knew there would be something on the menu E would eat!

Emily ordered carrot and cucumber sticks with humus, chicken tender’s, chips and peas and had some ice cream for dessert. I opted for an extremely scrummy burger and a large glass of white wine. It was so nice eating out on such a sunny evening.

Our Trip to London

After our meal we had a little wander around and picked up some nibbles to take back to the Hotel. Got into our pj’s, turned on the television and chatted. I enjoyed drinking my complimentary wine. By 8.30pm E announced that she wanted to go to sleep so lights were out. Once she was snoring away I put on a little lamp and relaxed in bed planning our next day…






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