Photo Friday 4th November 2016

Despite the house being full of germs, bugs, sickness and far too much coughing there has still been a few good moments, some ahh how cute moments and some funny moments.

I have taken a few photos on my phone this week, hence why they are not the best quality however I thought I would share with you a few photos.

Trick or Treating outfitsThe week started with Halloween, E is wearing a fab pumpkin costume that we were sent. For a few years she had said she wanted to be a pumpkin but all I could find were the big round pumpkin outfits for toddlers, so when this turned up she was thrilled to say the least. We don’t have many Halloween decorations, much to E’s disappointment but here she is getting ready to put up some ghost lights.

Toddler ClibingThis photo sums up what J has been up to, he has learnt to climb and will use anything to get him where he wants to be. This instance he used the happyland box. It’s scary how quickly he can get to where he wants to be, also frustrating. He has a fascination with the lamp on E’s wall and keeps trying to take it off. Little monkey. We are at the stage that getting photos of J that are clear is impossible, most of them are blurred because he just doesn’t sit still for more than a few seconds.

Red riding hood costumeLast Sunday E and I went out for some girly time whilst J was napping, the first thing she put on to wear that morning was her Red Riding Hood costume. Where ever we went she wore it, even when went over to her friends. She makes me smile when she does little things like that.

Baby asleepThis photo was taken less than an hour ago, we were havingĀ a cuddle watching some television and I noticed he had gone very quite. Instead of moving to see if he was asleep I took a photo on my phone and sure enough he had fallen asleep. I then I had the fun task of putting him into bed without waking him. Luckily I succeeded and now I am listening to him snoring away on the monitor.

These few photos are a glimpse into our week, minus the sickness.

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. November 4, 2016 / 12:07 pm

    I love Joshua’s ‘uh-oh, I’m busted’ face! He is going to be everywhere soon, ha ha!

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