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Preparing for School With Big School Buddy

In a few weeks time lots of four year olds will be starting their first year at Big School. Starting school can be exciting and for some a little scary.

When E started school I was really excited and she was too. I think it helped that some of her preschool friends were going to be in her class. She had met her new teacher before the summer and when we had a home visit.

During the summer before she started school we started to get prepared, uniform, shoes, name tags and we chatted a lot about school.

We were recently sent Big School Buddy to review.

Big School BuddyBig School Buddy is a cute bear that is aimed at helping count down the days until they start school. E would have loved this when she first started school.

In the box you get Buddy Bear, you can buy either a boy or a girl bear. A two week countdown calendar and a set of stickers that can be used for good behaviour. I think the stickers would also be a great way of rewarding a child for things like getting dressed – skills that will help the school mornings a lot easier.

Big School buddyE loves Buddy and she takes her everywhere and she sleeps with her at night. Buddy is very soft and cuddly and lightweight. The chart is made of card and has a lovely red ribbon to hang it up from. E has said she still wants to use the countdown calendar. I think she is excited about starting year two, she frequently talks about her new teacher.

I am a fan of sticker and reward charts as they have worked in the past and E loves to get stickers for being good. We will use it for her to complete things like her reading and holiday homework as well as other school related behaviour. Please and Thank you went out of the window for a while thanks to being at school so sticker charts are great at encouraging that too.

I do think this is an excellent aid for getting your child ready and excited for big school. The whole concept is great. You can buy Big School Buddy on the Sleepzz Until website.


Disclaimer – We were sent Big School Buddy for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own.



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