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Project Mc2 Camryn’s Tie Die Experiment Doll Review

E is only six but has never really play’s with toys that much. She would rather be making things, experimenting and reading. All of which I like to encourage. Recently we have been sent a Project Mc2 doll to review and it looks like the sort of toy E will love.

I admit I hadn’t heard of Project MC2 (pronounced Mc squared), it’s a television programme on Netflix. It’s about a group of girls that use stem skills to save the day.

The project Mc2 experiment dolls allows your child to play with a doll that is wearing cool clothes and also be able to take part in an experiment using house hold items. We were sent Camryn tie die experiment doll.


Mc2 Doll

Each doll has a signature outfit that links in with the experiment. The Doll is a fully articulated doll (knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck) features hair, glass eyes and eyelashes. The doll also came with a comb. E loves her doll and thinks its great that she looks almost like Camryn on the program.


Project Mc2 Doll

Also in the box there are four permanent markers and a pipette for the experiment. For the experiment you need a white clothing item, top, shoes anything that is cotton. You also need rubbing alcohol which you can buy easily at any chemist.


The Experiment

Before we started we decided to put a piece of card in the middle of the top, so that the design didn’t go through to the other side. I let E draw what ever design she wanted, it was her experiment after all.


Projet MC2 Doll

She loved getting creative.

Once the design is finished you then use the pipet to get the surgical spirit of out the bottle. Then you squirt it on all areas of the design. It was great watching how the alcohol reacted with the pens.


Proect M2s doll

We then let the top dry. As the top was drying the alcohol was still working its magic to make the top look super cool.

Here is the finished product. E absolutely loves it and I am also impressed.


M2s doll


I like the idea of Project Mc² and getting more girls interested in the areas of S.T.E.A.M. The experiments included within the Project Mc2 sets encourage children to dabble with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths through a range of interactive, interesting and fun tasks. E thoroughly enjoyed the experiment that came with Camryn and wants to do it again.

The doll has been played with quite a lot, the moveable arms and legs make it a fun doll to play with.

Final Thoughts

The experiment is straight forward, however at a first glance the box doesn’t let you know that you will need other items to do the experiment.

The doll is great, one of the legs does come off occasionally – normally when the two year old gets hold of her!

I really like the concept of the Project Mc2 dolls, something different. However, it would be nice to see some of the dolls that have less feminine experiments.

Each of the Project Mc2 Dolls have a recommended retail price of £24.99 and available at various retailers.

Here is a little clip of E doing the experiment.


*Disclaimer – We were sent the Camryn Tie Dye doll for the purpose of this review.


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