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Slow Cooker Chocolate Fudge

Slow cooker chocolate fudge is fun and easy to make. In fact i was surprised how is easy it was. I have contemplated making fudge before but getting the temperature right using gas put me off.

Using the slow cooker is so much simpler, even my seven year old was able to get involved. The key to making this perfect fudge is to stir it every ten -fifteen minuets. I set a timer so i remembered to stir it and also to stop my seven year old from constantly stirring it.

This fudge is super tasty and is chocolate bliss and the best bit it is only 2 ingredients away.


One can of condensed milk

400g of chocolate

Choice of chocolates or sweets to decorate the fudge.


Chocolate Slow Cooker Fudge ingeredients


How to make the fudge

Break up the chocolate and put in to the slow cooker with the condensed milk. Give it a good stir and leave on high without the lid.  Check and stir every ten minutes for one hour. After the chocolate has melted I turn the slow cooker down to low.

After an hour, when the fudge is of a thicker consistency, pour the mix into a lined tin. I used one which was about 8″ square.  

Once the fudge is in the tin you can decorate it if you so wish. We added malteesers.


Chocolate fudge with maltesers

Then leave to cool a little before popping in the fridge until firm.

You can decorate the fudge with any topping you like, you can also add the chocolates into the mix too Add some extra flavour and texture. The choices are endless.

I left my fudge in the fridge overnight, you can however leave it in for a few hours and it will be set and ready to chop up.


Chopped up chocolate fudge

The recipe using an 8″ square tin made around 20 pieces. It all depends on what size you cut your pieces of fudge.

This super tasty slow cooker chocolate fudge would make a great gift, you could put some in a nice poly bag with some ribbon.

The fudge is a huge hit in our house and the children are already asking if i am going to make some more.


Recipe Card


Chocolate fudge recipe


If you would like to download a copy of the recipe card you can do so by clicking the below link.

Chocolate Fudge recipe Download


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