Stuff Emily Says – Threenager

E was on the sofa singing “Let It Go” and then she started making up her own lyrics, singing about mummy and Sunshine to the tune of “Let It Go” when halfway through she stopped, held up her hands and said “WAIT JUST A MINUTE. IS THiS A NEW VERSION OF DAT SONG?” And I’m  like, well YOU’RE making up the words here so…yes?

In other stories about E’s shenanigans, after a time-out I usually ask her “Okay, are you ready to talk about it and what have you got to say?” Yesterday the timer bleeped on my phone and before I got the chance she looked at me and said “Oh Mummy, shall we talk about this.”

Which seems to be a theme around here because the other day in the middle of a post-timeout discussion she heaved about big sigh and said “Hmm, can we talk about something else?”

Plus, she’s pretty much memorized the entirety of Frozen and then randomly inserts lines from the movies into our conversations. I asked E to shut her bedroom door to stop the cold getting into the landing – her window was open airing the room, she raised her hands and asked “Mummy, can I say something CWAZY?” I was all, “Um, sure E” And THEN she threw her hands out to the side and sang “ALL MY LIFE HAS BEEN A SERIES OF DOORS IN MY FACE!”, she then ran around the landing singing all sorts of Frozen song’s.

Here are some other random funny conversations I’ve recorded lately:

♥   After I told E that I was feeling frustrated with her behavior (do you see a theme here? Three is HARD.)
E: “OHHH well  sometimes when you feel fwustwated you just can make anudder choice to be happy because you can just be happy and it’s very hard to feel upset!”

♥  I heard a tiny voice, opened my eyes and this is literally what I woke up to: E is standing in front of my full length mirror looking at her reflection and saying to it “Oh, hello! “I’m just waitin for my mummy to get up so I can have some breakfast. – This amused me so much that I attempted to stifle my giggles, E seems to love looking in the mirror at herself.

Living with a threenager certainly has its funny moments, some of the things E comes out with really does amuse me. The negative side definitely has to be the attitude and that she seems to think she knows everything!

E standing on the toilet


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  1. January 29, 2015 / 12:05 pm

    My son has hit the threenager stage also although he isn’t 3 until May, we had a conversation the other day Me “Jared sit back down and finish your dinner please” Jared “No mummy I can’t” Me “why can’t you” Jared “I just can’t you can mummy” Me “No I can’t finish your dinner” Jared “But yes you can mummy” the bottom lip came out I laughed he then sat down and finish his dinner. Kids are great

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