Epilepsy Awareness feature

Epilepsy Awareness – My Story

Today is International Purple Day – which is all about spreading awareness of Epilepsy. Today I thought I would share my story. When I was fourteen I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I had several seizures before my diagnoses of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy, which is typically generalized throughout the brain. I was having the typical symptoms […]

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Experiencing an Epileptic Aura

I was fourteen when I first starting having seizures. Before I was diagnosed with epilepsy I noticed that I had a weird tingling pain, almost like really painful pins and needles seconds before I would have a seizure. In time as my understanding grew and I realised this was an aura I don’t think you can ever adequately […]

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6 Things You Can Learn From Someone Living With Epilepsy

I often reflect back on times in which I would say to my husband or family that they just don’t understand what I was going through because they were not living my condition. They were not walking the road I walked. I am certain many of us living with epilepsy do say this to those […]

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Epilepsy Fact and Fiction

Epilepsy – Fact and Fiction

Epilepsy is one of the many invisible illness people can have. In fact it is said that one in every 103 people have the condition. Considering how many people have epilepsy, there is still a stigma and a lack of knowledge amongst people that don’t have or know any one with epilepsy. I am a strong […]

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Behind The Wheel With Epilepsy

It was past my 17th birthday and I was so excited to finally start driving lessons. Most of my friends were already driving and I wanted in! I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was around 14/15, I just accepted and didn’t realise how it could affect my life. My seizures were controlled so I was able to […]

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