Experiencing an Epileptic Aura

I was fourteen when I first starting having seizures. Before I was diagnosed with epilepsy I noticed that I had a weird tingling pain, almost like really painful pins and needles seconds before I would have a seizure. In time as my understanding grew and I realised this was an aura

I don’t think you can ever adequately describe an aura to someone who’s never had a seizure.  It comes out of nowhere soft and floaty, like my body’s lifting, as though weightless. And yet, I can feel just enough to know that I’m tingling. Like little zaps of energy flitting across the surface of my skin , normally on my right arm and hand. The strange taste in the mouth.

Sometimes, I feel really hot and clammy, other times, I shake as though chilled. I never know which way I’ll feel, I  just know my body is beyond my control. I try to focus on something thinking it will help. The frustration begins. Sometimes, the auras go away after some deep breathing and a private pep talk.  Yet, in other instances, my body is already floating too high, the energy even more furious, the tingling working itself into a frenzy, it feels painful, In my head I shout out, but nobody can hear me. My eyes start to tick side to side, faster and faster, I lose focus, my body tenses.. then I’m gone.


I like that I lose consciousness then I don’t have to see the horror on my loved ones faces or the shock and disgust on some stranger’s. I don’t see judgment and I know nothing about my head thrashing, violent spasms, gurgling breathing, jaw-chomping episodes. Witnessing a person have a seizure isn’t nice. I feel sorry for the person that is with me as they are frequently as embarrassed as I am.

As with everyone who has epilepsy, there is so much more than just the seizure. So many things that occur. The aura is only the tip of the iceberg.

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4 thoughts on “Experiencing an Epileptic Aura

  1. Being honest I wouldn’t even know where to start when coming across anyone having a seizure. I know basic first aid but it’s not something anyone teaches you. I walked out of a shop once and spotted a man in the shopping centre just sitting there limp and dazed. Everyone walked past him and out of nowhere he just fell to the floor. When getting nearer to him it was plainly obvious that he was having a seizure but everyone was just standing there, a lot with their phones out :/ luckily the shopping centre staff got to him quite quick but really brought home how little I can do to help anyone because I simply don’t know what to do. There needs to be a lot more awareness and a lot more info given on this subject so that people like you don’t feel embarrassed when you need help the most

    1. I think a lot of people do. Mine normally happens seconds before so I am unable to alert people. When it happens I know there is nothing I can do.

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