A Relaxing Mother’s Day

Last weekend was Mother’s Day and it was a really relaxing day. In fact the whole weekend was relaxing. Mother’s Day started with breakfast in bed, Croissant’s and fruit juice. E decided to have the same breakfast and had it in bed with me which was lovely. It was so nice having breakfast in bed.

Once I climbed out of bed I was given some lovely presents. Emily had made a fab card at school and one at Rainbows. There was even a little box with a chocolate in that E had made at Rainbows. I love home-made things as always so personal.

I was also given some beautiful flowers, a Terry’s chocolate orange, which didn’t last long! And some stationary. Anyone that knows me will know that I have a thing about stationary, even more so since I started writing. I was spoilt.

Mother's Day


The rest of the day was sent playing and getting crafty. I was kindly sent a fab Hama Beads set for Mother’s Day so we decided to get it out and have some fun. I have never used Hama beads before therefore I was looking forward to having a go.

Mother's Day

How addictive are Hama beads. We all enjoyed making different things. Even J got in on the action and attempted to make something. I loved attempting to make the love heart out of the set and I was surprised that I actually made it.

Mother's Day

I really did have a lot of fun and it was so nice to do something with the children. They both enjoyed themselves too and I think we will be making more creations next weekend.

M went out and managed to find some meat for a roast dinner. Since the snow the local supermarket have hardly had any fresh items, even a week or so later.

Whilst M prepared the roast, I really was having a relaxing Mother’s day. I had the fun of playing with the children, which was fun apart for the occasional squabbles.

Mother's Day

I spent ages making a pretty awesome track, even if I say so myself. By the time I finally finished it J was ready to pull it to pieces and play something else. Lesson learned, just make a small one!

Later on we had a delivery turn up. Part of J’s Christmas present. He had a duplicate present at Christmas so we had a refund for the item and have only just decided what to get him.

Mother's DayA car rug with plenty of road. We just know he would love it and sure enough he does. Both the children played with it none stop. Everyday since I have been on the floor having high-speed car chases. It was great to see them both using their imagination.

The day was finished off with a lovely Roast Pork dinner, which was so tasty. It was time for some chill time before the bedtime routine commenced. I had a lovely day, despite the children having their moment’s. As soon as they were in bed I demolished the Terry’s Chocolate Orange. It was so nice to spend some quality time with the children and not have to worry about cooking and cleaning. I have to be say my favourite part of the day was playing with the Hama beads and breakfast in bed.

I hope you all had a great mother’s day.



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